Dark and Stormy

Violent storm-surf barrels on tap in Ventura County

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| posted on March 06, 2014
  • Wilma Tennyson Kenyon

    Mike Kenyon and Chad Compton….sick….

  • EWL

    Sean, always charging! Good to see him in a hometown photo! Miss ya dude!

  • Wilma Tennyson Kenyon

    Mike McCabe and Mike Kenyon hard at work again.

  • Wilma Tennyson Kenyon

    Purple Hayes, dark chocolate barrels and one of my favorite gems..Mike Kenyon!

  • Alfredo Z

    Above Pt. Conception conditions were victory at sea. Stoked some people scored last weekend!

  • Wave Tribe


  • G Kyle Lore Jr

    Is that Shane Winton, Larry’s kid? Wow, I’ve been landlocked too long. Larry is the original Pierpont soul surfer, puts that big board on edge in any barrel, no leash, no slips, no falls. Go Ventura!

  • shooootsbrah

    sean hayes , what a beast . good photos!

  • benr

    I checked them 7 jetties for 20 years never saw it that good.