Tahitian Caverns

Jerseys come off for some of the heaviest Teahupoo of all time

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| posted on August 28, 2011
  • Jordan Skeffington

    how to get onto the boats in the channel?

  • whamo

    Nathan has certainly moved up a long way from riding one foot mush at Old Man’s as a child. I’m sure Herbie is very proud of him.

  • http://Surfermagazine Jimmy R.

    this ARE awesome & i agree, it does like Tsunami coming at you…. 🙂

  • russell

    mother oceans power!!!!!

  • Anthony

    I am AWE STRUCK… all i could say when looking at these is… O My GOD!!!!

  • lilibethmagallon

    awesome …..

  • Chris S

    Why dis niggas cheeks showin?

  • http://FB Denny

    so awesome, beautiful, seriously heavy!!!!!

  • Bibi Lopez

    Those waves are Scary!!! 🙂

  • ivan

    Jordan, you climb the ladder to get onto the boat.

  • http://tahiticaverns greg love

    the power and Glory of God Almighty !!

  • NJConan

    Awsome, had to be there to realy get the impact of the thickness and heft of these beautiful monsters… the moonshine pic is already viral…

  • casper

    ah.. that’s not right. Poor Bruce Irons… bum and boys all over the net.. come on.. don’t tell me no one caught this…, but don’t take it down. enjoying it greatly.

  • jimmagi surf

    Palikir Pass >est

  • dimka

    that is extreme cant wait till next year im probably going to be there the waves look amazing!

  • SIm Far

    @Chris S… read the comment, shorts were ripped out of his body from the waves.

  • howleyboyeast

    i been surfin and living on an island for da past 35 years an does were the freakiest walls of no acres of water rolling into a a shallow reef bay..unreal courage,,by da boyz..kepp it comin.

  • Kevin Bruce Hoopiokalani Todd

    Huge pits, big waves, no nonsense. Too hip.

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    Few souls will ever/have ever become one with such a powerful force such as these waves. I envy those that belong to such an ex lusive brotherhood.

  • Liloa

    Brah, I would rather brave a minute in the ring with Rampage Jackson then get whipped into one of those man-eaters.

  • Louie Shepherd

    Bruce is feeling and showing his love for his brother…….

  • humbolt gratefull

    as beautifull as cocanut tan sinioritas bonzers thick like hella sick