Top 34 Review

Shea Lopez breaks down the 2014 World Tour roster

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| posted on February 27, 2014
  • dontneednochokebrain

    Shea–where would you rank yourself on this list if you were still competing today? And do you think the tour suffers for lack of fresh faces? Good write up as usual, although I personally don’t see Mick at the level of other 3 time champs.

    • Johnny

      What a joke anyone who wins 3 titles speaks for itself especially with slater on tour look at the only other world champs when kellys been competing mick, andy, joel. You need ya head read micks a 3xchamp show some respect! Only andy and mick have achieved that against kelly put those other guys up against the greatest surfer the sports seen and see how they go also did u see hawaii last year what kind of athelete deals with that pressure and size waves at pipe no less and wins takes a special kind of surfer

      • Adam May

        fanning didn’t win his quarter against yadin, that was BS, judges got caught up in the emotion of a last second wave with the title on the line.. no way was that a 9.57. Yadins 9.33 was the wave of that heat, ask anyone.. sl8r should have 12 titles.. (fanning should have 2). Also parko was super lucky to get his first title in 2012 – with sl8r missing a contest & with parko being overscored at trestles against jordy (jordy was doing what jake the snake called in commentary; ‘the biggest turns of the event’) – if he had lost that heat sl8r would have taken the title in 2012). So sl8r should have 13! However, parko’s had so many 2nds in the title race, i was stoked for him to get one.. he deserves one, at least..

        • Neville Bartos

          Nope. In my opinion Mick’s was the best wave of the heat. Yadin’s was a faily straight forward grab rail barrel. Mick’s was a mix of calculation, skill, timing and mastery.

          • jeremyJEREMY

            you are a blind jackass – this is another asp ploy to keep Jimmy Slade on tour – HE is what makes the tour and THEM the $$$$

        • Macros

          Slater was given a win when he didn’t deserve it in Santa Cruz when Dusty pulled a huge air and was under-scored. It’s easy to see the year as you want to when you have blinkers on.

      • dontneednochokebrain

        Johnny–you’re talking about the same surfer who strategically got an interference so they did not have to surf against John John, then folded after “winning” the title on a roll in? No thanks. AI would be shaking his head is disgust to be compared with Fanning after that. When other pros are calling bs, it’s probably legit bs.

        • Neville Bartos

          Did Kelly not toast Parko on a winning wave to claim the first event at Kirra? How would that be different from the tactic Mick used on JJF, if he actually even intended it to begin with?

          • boz

            neville you idiot , kelly had priority against parko, whereas jj had priority over mick

    • .,

      Then you havent seen Mick do a frontside wrap.

  • Alex

    I though Wilko didn’t make the tour this year. He was so bad in 2013, I’d rather see anybody from the QS than him on the tour.

  • Dom Domic

    Any other pro surfing fans wonder why there is a major disconnect between prize money and points? Shouldn’t the two be proportionally equal? On the one hand, the ASP rewards the winner with twice as much prize money then the runner-up, but on the other hand deems that win to be worth only 20% more points then 2nd place?? If the ASP were to do away with this unjust system and simply determine the world champion as the highest money earner at the end of the year, then Slater would’ve have won the title in 2013 and 2012 and maybe even the other 2 years he came runner up based on the fact that he won more events, which according to the ASP is worth much more then 2nd, 3rd, 5th, etc. This is professional sports, its all about the money, so lets not waste time with points. It would make much more sense and easier for most fans to follow – just a thought from me to ZoSea

  • Tellinit Howitis

    Finally!!! Someone has called it in open forum. Kelly loses World Title 12, and Yadin falls off the World Tour in 2014 because of dodgy Judging. Yet Richie Porta is still Head Judge???

    • Daniel Schoeman

      Yep, you nailed it. Old Porta’s gotta go. Way too many aussers on judging panel.

  • gkdfjhhgdk

    the tour is boring now, everyone is over it. Something needs to drastically change, i personally don’t know what that is, but that’s not my job. My job currently is to waste my precious time wading through boring match ups of boring surfers! It’s way too disconnected from the competitors and us spectators on the beach. Sorry ASP, you wont be getting my views this year, i’m sticking with the football and street league, much fresher and 21st century!

  • Luciano Durigan

    I’d be lovely if every WCT event had 4 or 8 top locals surfing against the big guys

  • Luciano Durigan

    wow, just compair john john’s photo with adam melling’s… very similar wave, john john carves the wave with everything he has, power and speed and flow… I can’t say the same about adam’s move!

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    ZoSea Legal Team

    • Jonny

      Go and FY…..this is no way to start earning friends and followers….seriously!!!

    • Ian Salisbury

      Alright big brother, I like alot of the Changes to this year but this is BS. It is practically censorship and definitely a distortion of capitalism! How do we get a share of the market? Oh yer we distort the entire market to fit us at any given time whilst culling any competition in the way. Just hope your PR team is ok with you smashing any positive image they try to put out there.

  • Gorik Badinskas

    On my count, Slater already has 13 world titles, Porta’s been acting all Solomonic and partaking Slater’s toys to his boys…

  • Bob


  • Arillo

    Why would anyone want to be Craig Anderson? He’s such a poser! Always acting as if he doesn’t care about anything. I bet he would care if he stopped getting checks from his sponsors. Poser!