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A dozen of Todd Glaser's favorite shots

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| posted on May 12, 2014
  • Matt Stoker

    What I think is most impressive is that “going” on a wave like this at Logs is serious fricken’ business. Most people don’t know how gnarly this photo really is. Heavy.

  • Merle

    Good Stuff Todd ! #teamGoofyfoot #tripleshot

  • Ruen Marvin

    awesome .

  • Mick Merrien

    I have this shot from an other angle! Fucking good wave!

  • Marcus B

    Respect for the guy who never cought a wave in that 2009 Peru trip. What a hard work!

  • Jose Madalengoitia

    Hi Todd, this photo is amazing. I traveled with you guys and did the water footage. I second what you say, it was a great day of surfing.

  • LeRoy Rowland

    Great pics!

  • Dewey

    Who is that at Teahupoo?

  • Grant

    This may be the single most terrifying shot I have ever seen!

  • Gene Cambe

    who is the surfer on the wave?

  • Don Long

    The location of the spot is not a secret, it is almost exactly 200 yards north of the right, I once saw it in a dream but in the dream there were crocodiles feeding in the river mouth everywhere with noisy stinky jet skis weaving in and out of the white water yelling yahoooo

  • João Miranda