Top 10 Power Surfers

According to Taylor Knox

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| posted on August 14, 2011
  • Mik

    Tom Curren number one????? And no mention of Andy Irons??? Sorry Taylor, but that’s ridiculous. Andy threw far more power than anyone here except maybe Occy… But AI did it in more radical places. He rewrote the book on powersurfing. More powerful than Taylor as well. Maybe that explains the omission.

  • Aidan

    and no mention of kelly? seriously? given taylor’s parameters for defining this group (power

  • Aidan

    and no mention of kelly? seriously? given taylor’s parameters for defining this group (power WITH finesse), i cant think of a more perfect exponent than KS. and jordy makes that list? over AI? Taylor been sucking on the coconut juice a little too much?!

  • bob

    taylor=most boring surfer on planet earth

  • Jeff

    Andy, Kelly, Joel, Mick, etc…. I know all these guys don’t look like they are throwing on the E-Brake on every turn like Carroll or Garcia, but they throw massive amounts of water around. And you have Curren on the list, so I’m baffled…

  • aaron

    good artical, replace jordy with andy and id say you got it.

  • http://surfer jose Melendez

    Although I question some omissions nice list Taylor. but I agree with most here. I wouldn’t have left out AI or Kelly. And to mix it up I would have placed Peter Mendia at the end to finish my list. As for bob….. you have to know what you’re looking at. Although Taylor’s surfing lacks modern day progression his surfing technique and rail work is timeless and will never die.

  • Ivan

    I would just put up 10 pictures of Pancho Sullivan instead.


    and what about Myles Padaca

  • Elias

    nice humans top 10…
    thats why KS an AI are missing

  • Major Pain

    :Without A Doubt – “THE BEST POWER RIDE” that I have seen during the US Open Of Surfing 2011, was NOT during The Competition: Sunny Garcia “Totally – Barrelled” on the North Side of The Huntington Beach Pier, directly below me. I missed getting The Shot………………Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • ben

    Nice top 10 human surfers list.
    I would like to see a top 10 surfing gods list though.

  • Skud

    Not a bad list, Taylor. With a few more slots I would have definitely added Peter Mendia and Pancho Sullivan, that’s just me though.

  • Paul

    “I would just put up 10 pictures of Pancho Sullivan instead.”

    Me too.

  • JBayTubeGuy

    Sorry Bru, you missed it on this one…time for pasture.

  • tom gorman


  • ESSA

    Kelly is at the top of every list so just leave him off.

  • Jass

    This is Taylor’s opinion NOT yours blokes – relax.

  • jeff

    I don’t come back to many comment boards, but this list just pisses me off the more I think about it. Was this like “Hey Taylor, pick your favorite 10 in 30 seconds” or what ? So wrong……

    The title should read ” Taylor’s Idols”… that makes better sense than Top Ten of All Time…

  • Gregory Griffin

    Johnny Boy Gomes ……

  • Whamo

    I’d put Kanga on the list.

  • DVC

    Have to agree with Mik. The consensus in the surf world has always been that AI was the only surfer in the sport who surfed 8ft waves like the rest of the pros surfed 4fters. He was in attack mode at all times. All you have to do is watch his segment from BURN to see proof of how he surfed more radically and powerfully than half the guys on this list – particularly on his backhand. And for new school power, Jordy pales in comparison to Dane Reynolds. Watch the heat of Dane against Parko in the 2010 Quik Pro at Snapper and you tell me who uses the rail with more power, speed and reckless abandon than Dane. No one. He made Parko look like he should have been surfing in the womens’ event. Or check his heats from the Puerto Rico event. His turns were so tweaked out that you would have swore he was going to break his spine in half. Even his airs make Jordy’s look like there in slow motion. To generate that much height and speed in your rotations, you have to be packing power. No one comes close to Dane.

  • Dgcova

    Andy on lefthands like Indonesian waves, used to rock, maybe the most powerfull and stylish surf that i’ve ever saw!!!! I think he deserves to be on the list, it’s a shame!!!!

  • Marc

    So many great suggestions below and all worthy of the Top 10 Power Surfers. Just yesterday, between waves, my buddy Tim and I agreed that Dane Reynolds is the most fluid power surfer alive. Kolohe and the rest of the rippers coming up should take notice and weight those rails.

  • Marc

    Ian Kanga Cairns. Very powerful. Poor old guy. R.I.P.

  • ben

    dane reynolds …period. and i watched bk surf sunset, etc.
    no one comes close to dane, from any generation..

  • josuetaker

    surf surf surf i love surf

  • solvin

    Saw that tatoo girl, sitting..or surfing, this number one!

  • max

    michel bourez too…big carves.. one of the most powerful of the WT i think

  • Cycd

    Margo should be on that list!