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Top 10 goofyfooters of all time, according to CJ Hobgood

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| posted on June 11, 2012
  • Alex

    I’m a goofy footer, and I know this is going to shock a lot of people (even me since I grew up in awe watching them) and eventhought the Fletcher brothers did great things for the world of surfing, I wouldn’t put them in as part of the 10 best ever. Christian was the first to punt airs, but his surfing style was terrible. Nathan CHARGES, and even if he has a better style than Christian, it’s still not great. To me Sion Milosky is (was) a better big wave rider in that regard. Also, Gerry Lopez? He is THE BEST GOOFY FOOTER of all time. Period.

    This is just my opinion, and it only engages myself. I respect the opinion of anybody who disagree, so please, no bashing.

  • Jamon Bagel

    1. Occy
    2. Damo (don’t believe me, dig up footage of him at big Salsipuedes)
    3. Lopez
    4. Tom Carroll
    5. Ronnie Burns
    6. David Nuuhiwa
    7. Bobby
    9. Kechele
    10.Nathan Fletcher

    Medina stays off the list until he learns to bury some rail.

  • Rich

    There’s only 1. GL. Oh, and Occy too.

  • Whamo

    Is this a joke? Where’s Rolf Aurness? Brad McCaul? Corky Carroll? You guys don’t know jack.

  • CR

    Number 1 Gerry Lopez. End of story. I don’t know how you even start to make a list like this and not write that name first.

  • rafael

    for me here in Dominican Republic Encuentro north coast
    #1 uno Tom Carroll
    #2 dos Jeff Booth
    #3 tres Ronnie Burns

  • Marcelo

    I know he’s not one of the all time bests…but i loved Mick Lowe huge backside hacks!!

  • joe

    The best, as in, most talent on a surfboard comparing apples to apples may very well be Gabriel Medina or Owen Wright.

    If we are looking at who is a standout for their time and had a meaningful impact to influence and change the way people surf, my list would be as follows:

    1. Christian Fletcher. Yup. It was a sin to try airs on every wave. Now 10 year old can do them and you still can’t, but you occasionally still try.

    2. Occy. Every goofy tries to surf like him backside. At least a little. Bobby, Hobgoods, Losness, even you, try to look like him. Funny how when you try to look like him frontside you just look silly. You’re not Occy.

    3. Gerry Lopez. Looking cool when you’re scared is trying to look like Gerry.

    4. Rob Machado.

    5. Tom Carroll.

    6. Tim Curran.

    7. Nate Fletcher.

    8. Kalani Robb

    9. Gabriel Medina.

    10. Owen Wright.

  • L

    I respect Occy. Great surfer. But Tom Carroll is what you can call next level. # 1.

  • Yogi

    I know what your saying marcello-Mick Lowe came to my local big bombie once and rode it like a 2footer doing these crazy big under the lip beyong 12 o’clock jams on massive right handers.We all just stood up on the cliff going WTF is happening!!!!

  • Jack-O

    1. Gerry Lopez
    2. Occy
    3. Rob Machado
    4. Tom Caroll
    5. Kalani Robb
    6. Medina
    7. Nathan Fletcher
    8. Tim Curran
    9. Ronnie Burns
    10. CJ

  • http://Surfer Steven

    Missed Shaun Cansdell. Very american based list from an american surfer, makes sense but can’t leave cans out.

  • david mcarthur

    Wayne Lynch anyone???

  • jean

    wayne lynch?

  • Gab

    ..My top ten goofyfooters list: 1) Occy 2) Magoo de La Rosa 3) Rob Machado 4) Luke Egan 5) Tom Carroll 6) Wayne Lynch 7) Gerry Lopez 8) Flavio Padaratz 9) CJ Hobgood 10) Kalani Robb.

  • Carlo

    Sorry but rookie call – not having Gerry in pole position (obviously) invalidates this list completely, unfortunately. Redo

  • Sergio

    1 OCCY
    2 CARROL
    3 ROB
    4 CJ
    5 MEDINA
    6 OWEN
    7 BOBBY
    8 DAMMO
    9 LUKE
    10 DEREK HO

  • Patski

    What? No Wayne Lynch? No Lopez? History means nothing …

  • brad liss

    i agree! the OCC all the way!!! grown up watching him. flawless power!!
    we all so thrilled he’s
    comming to J BAY to do the six star BILLABONG PRO

  • Jason

    A top 10 Goofy list without Gerry Lopez? Epic fail.

  • tom

    yous forgot shuan cansdell…..that guys a freak

  • Donnie

    Gerry Lopez makes the list of the best, if not the best, Pipe surfers – not a list of the best goofy’s.

  • Whamo

    This list provokes questions: Where is Larry Blair? He won the Pipe Masters twice, and would have won it three times if the Hawaiians hadn’t ganged up against him. Where is Wayne Lynch? Where is Andrew Mckinnon (first goofy to win a contest at Sunset )? Where is Buddy Llamas? Bud must have won 20 contests. Where is Rory Russell? Where is Jackie Dunn? Where is Marvin Foster?

  • Bellsko

    For pure surfing artform & mystique, Gerry Lopez is # 1. For pure athleticism and high performance, Tom Carroll is #2.

    3) Mark Occhilupo
    4) Jim Banks
    5) Marvin Foster
    6) Rolf Aurness
    7) Derek Ho
    8) Rob Machado
    9) Wayne Lynch
    10) Butch Van Artsdalen

    The Hobgoods are white bread. Their surfing (and dreadful interviews) bore me to %*&^$ death. These guys don’t have a clue…

  • Elliot

    Clay Marzo?

    Gerry should have defiantly be in this list.

  • Kookburger

    1) Gerry Lopez
    2) Nathan Fletcher
    3) Kalani Robb
    4) Cory Lopez
    5) Rob Machado
    6) Timmy Curran/Ozzie Wright
    7) Occy
    8) Carroll
    9) Joel Tudor
    10) Bobby Martinez

    Also of note: the Gudauskas bros Tanner and Dane

  • geovanny

    And Owen Wright where is he??? Don’t forget people, that same Kelly say: owen is the best goofyfoot.

  • Nick

    the list is obviously relevant to CJ personally. the title of the article probably should be changed to ‘Top 10 Goofyfooters of the Tri-Fin era’. as for Owen Wright, he blows most of the list out of the water. Owen is a phenomena & untouchable in waves of consequence. a high tide & fat swell line up robbed Owen of his destiny in Tahiti last year, as did calling off the Volcom Pro on the big day. Owen toyed with big Pipe last year & was unlucky to lose to prettier wave choice by the local. as for history, it is replete with goofies, Butch, Nuuhiwa, Lynch, Lopez, Jeff Crawford, Jim Banks. one would imagine most of Jim Banks exploits remained undocumented but some of the photos show he was on another level in his time.

  • Landa

    1) Gerry Lopez
    2) Nathan Fletcher
    3) Kalani Robb
    4) Cory Lopez
    5) Rob Machado
    6) Damian and CJ
    7) Occy
    9) Joel Tudor
    10) Bobby Martinez
    Also of note: the Gudauskas bros Tanner and Dane

    i go with this

  • Mike Newman

    Hi Damo,

    I agree that is an epic list of goofies, but where the fuck is Dooma Hardman,
    2 world championships,
    19 WCT victories,
    Some would argue the greatest ever @ Bells.

    Come on mate Dooma has to be 1 or 2 or 3, am I missing something…

  • Ben

    This list is straight up blasphemy:

    1. Occy
    2. Gerry
    3. Carroll
    4. Wayne Lynch
    5. Machado
    6. Tudor
    7. Martinez
    8. Egan
    9. CJ
    10. Medina

    There is a HUGE difference between the top 2 and the rest of the list.

  • wiley

    dave eggers and neil purchase jr. are mental too, but good list cj

  • Lawrence

    has no one seen Owen Wright surf.

  • adam may


  • Boyd

    Good list, but its a no brainer to ditch the Brazo and put Lopez in there.

  • Luke

    Clay Marzo is the best goofy footer on planet earth

  • shalonk

    Don’t worry CJ….everyone has an opinion, too bad they are not you and this is your list. Would I have liked to have seen Damien Hardman on there….yes, but again…it’s your list.

    What’s with the disgruntled old men on here? The guys on this list are innovators and helped with the progression of our sport.

  • over view

    sergio… that is the list. excellent compilation.

  • Paul


  • aaron wright

    Jeremy Ryan..
    Kalani robb
    Rob maxhado.
    Clay Marzo
    Kalani Chapman
    Sean bierly
    Sean Hayes
    Correy arembeddi
    Matt mcabe

  • Klum

    I think it’s agreed that Gerry Lopez should have been in there. SRF (Surf Realization Fellowship) all the way brah.

  • Kai

    1. Occy
    2. Derek Ho
    3. Tom Carroll
    4. CJ Hobgood
    5. Damien Hoggood
    6. Barton Lynch
    7. Rob Machado
    8. Kalani Robb
    9. Timmy Curran
    10. Corey Lopez

  • Spike

    Gerry Lopez all the way. Last generation, no goofy is better than Clay Marzo.

  • old guy

    No Gerry Lopez, Owen Wright or Clay Marzo? Blowing it on this list and doubt either of the Hobgoods should be in top 10 anyway.

  • JonJon

    Rob MAchodo spent the last 10 years working on his image? Glad to hear an insider finally tell the truth. Actually I feel that Rob Machado had become a victim of his image ever since he got an afro and painted his surfboard with Jimmy Hendrix. THat was in the mid 90s. So HObgood has the number wrong. MAchado has been at it _working on his image_ for that last 17 years!! What a waste!

  • jack donnellan

    Love how he heckles Machado for focusing on his image. Well said. The rest is all subjective.

  • Niou

    1- CJ
    2- Cory lopez
    3- Sean Hayes
    4- Tim Curran
    5- Kalani Robb
    6- Rob Machado
    7- Damo
    8- Tom Carrol
    9- Owen Wright
    10- just for fun, Justin Mateson ahah

  • Jimmy aus

    Lets face it, us goofy footers suck.

    Kelly Slats is the bomb. haha jus kidding 🙂

  • john

    Lopez ?? The guy hasn’t done jack-shit in 30 years.

  • Teri

    Gerry Lopez is the man. End of. Saying he hasnt done shit in 30 years is like saying the Beatles are shit because they finished in 1970. I’ve learned so much from Lopez about surfing and about life.

  • dan seng

    No one’s mentioned Ace Buchan! Definitely deserves a mention amongst the Goofys!

  • Stephen Spaulding

    CJ was asked to compile a list of ALL TIME Goofeys? Pretty shortsighted. Very one generation perspective. Yes, he forgot Gerry, Wayne Lynch, Joel Tudor and
    a host of others. Look at Corky Carroll – he’s still doing it, and was the first surfer I ever saw in a national TV (beer) ad! You gotta look a little deeper there CJ than Bobby and your brother. Surfer should run another pro’s opinion. Ask Curren or someone esle with a bit more grasp of history.

  • ginz

    1 Butch
    2 David N
    3 Jock
    4 Gerry
    5 Wayne
    6 Occy
    7 Tom
    8 Machado
    9 Hobgood twins
    10 Nathan F

  • Max

    Lopez and Clay Marzo need to go in. Clay can not only make vertical acid drops in huge paddlie in Teahupoo – he is one of the best tube riders in the business. I think Clay won the first QS he ever entered – Clay is one of the best free surfers of all time. To be fiar to CJ I like his list and he should be in it. but the list is better with 50 or 100 surfers.

  • Jason

    I don’t get the groundswell of support for Gerry Lopez as #1? Even top 5 would be a stretch. He’s a legend, but pretty one dimensional as a top flight surfer. Tom Carroll and Occy can both do all he can do on left reefs and 100 things Gerry could never do.
    I too, loved the Machado remarks. I’m glad somebody with clout finally said that publicly. Machado could very well have been #1 on this list had he not gone designer hippie on us years ago.

  • Jake

    Derek Ho is getting no love here. World Title, multiple triple crowns, the successor to Lopez at Pipe…..he’ s way better than half the guys that CJ and all the commenters have been listing.

  • Ivo

    my list:

    1 – Occy
    2 – Carroll
    3 – Medina
    4 – Teco Padaratz
    5 – Luke Egan
    6 – CJ
    7 – Damien
    8 – Derek Ho
    9 – Hardman
    10 – Lynch

  • Joao

    With all my respect for CJ and his opinions he put too much personal issues on his answer. Of course for someone out of the professional surfing like us it’s easy to say that. But it is also easy to make mistakes because we didn’t see these surfers alive in the water like CJ did. So surfing as well as art, each one has it’s own view. How many here has ever seen a professional surfing doing a bottom turn live from a distance of 2 meters of your eyes on a 8 feet wave ? It’s something unbelivable I assure you. So this question will never be precise.

  • truth

    As it is true what CJ was saying about Machado, what he said about Kalani Robb is equally true. Peaked too early, too fast. I looked up to him so much when I was a kid (still do i guess). Him and Shane dorian were my favorites out of the whole Momentum crew. K-rock had tons of talent and a dope style but no motivation/discipline.

  • truth

    oops…i guess i had forgot about K-robbs work with Mauli Ola foundation. Gotta give him props for that.

  • miker

    To include surfers from the era before thrusters – and from eras before guys surfed Pipe and Teahupoo like they do today, is like making a “best home run hitters” list from before Babe Ruth and the live ball era. That being said – CJ and Damien are definitely top ten. I agree with almost everyone on the list – although it might be a little early to put Medina on there yet until he wins in the real stuff. In all reality it could be expanded to top 12 with Shawn Briley, Cory Lopez and Derek Ho belonging on that list somewhere… Here is my list (sorry I counted you Hobgoods as one person):
    1. Occy
    2. Shawn Briley
    3. Cory Lopez
    4. Damien Hobgood then CJ Hobgood
    5. Derek Ho
    6. Christian Fletcher
    7. Nathan Fletcher
    8. Tom Carroll
    9. Bobby Martinez
    10. Kalani Robb
    11. Rob Machado
    12. Luke Egan

  • Luke

    few i think deserve a mention, although Cj’s list was pretty decent for a seppo, Owen shits on Medina for starters, Jim Banks, Shaun Cansdell, Tim Curran, Shawn Briley and Rizal Tandjung are all guys who rip.

  • Ross Collins

    What? No Freida Zamba???

  • s4p

    Great list… but putting my two cents in for the following as well.

    1. Derek Ho
    2. Wayne Lynch
    3. Joey Buran
    4. Jeff Booth
    5. David Nuuhiwa
    6. Fred Patacchia

    in random order…

  • Husam Dean

    Gabriel Medina is the best <3 😀

  • karl

    Me, My Brother and the Other Soul Surfers who Go and Went Surfing without being Competative

  • Jeff

    I used to look to Ronnie Burns for how to surf correctly. His surfing was so clean and sharp. I think he made Occy look kind of sloppy in ‘Pump’, though Occy is one of my favorites now. (I know this was back in the day, but so were goofy footers.)

    Oh yeah, Gerry Lopez was the first to come to my mind for best goofy footers.

    Owen Wilson (I mean Wright) looks good for the future.

  • shipwrek

    1.Gerry Lopez
    3.Ronnie Burns
    4.Tom Carroll
    5.Luke egan
    10.Owen wright

  • Tito in West LA

    damn, won’t let me save that Occy shot to my desktop

  • Rui

    And what about Tim Curran?

  • http://surfermag greg

    jock sutherland
    larry blair
    no 1 definetly wayne lynch