The Weight of Water

A film and photos from Mikey DeTemple's winter trek in Maine

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| posted on January 15, 2013
  • Torta

    Nice job Mikey, Nick and Zac! Looks cold…

  • Whamo


  • jon

    very cool

  • Duc

    The crazy thing is not that this guy was out there in the middle of winter in Maine surfing but that there were 5 other guys out at the same spot in the middle of winter in Maine surfing. Isn’t there any place where you can catch a wave by yourself anymore?

  • Steve DeCanza

    Cool, more hipsters with glasses and beards and longboards.
    Make sure you come to Cape Cod.
    It might be time to take up skeet shooting.

  • Peter “Pope” Kahapea

    Nicely done Gentlemen! Surfer’s being surfers, looking for waves and scoring, the little glassy nuggets with only yourselves to brave the elements. It’s been going on for decades, individual surfers, on a quest, looking for the magic wave to ride, to fulfill the deep urge within ones self and commit, in finding, those waves.

    Whether the harshest of conditions in Maine or the warm blue waters of Hawaii surfers will always be on the move around the globe, seeking that special wave.

    Mahalo for posting your *bitchen* trip!!

  • Jimmy the Saint

    Thanks for posting this, I spent some time in 2003 in Maine, can’t believe its ten years ago, surfed the swell from some hurricane in september at Higgins beach, beautiful place

  • JC

    Great article and content. To Doc’s comment about surfing in a place by yourself these days, come to Texas in the winter.

  • Pablo

    That looks so cold my balls are up by neck after viewing all the pics and video. brrrr.

  • mike spears

    cool clip. Steve Decanza you’re a narrowminded hater asshole. no ones gonna go to Cape Cod bc its full of shortsighted Massholes like you. You prolly jealous cuz he surfs better than you (dick).

  • Scott Basgaard

    Awesome. Really miss living in the north east. Winters were the best!

  • Mark Sharky

    Very nice video! The landscape, music, water and waves all came together quite nicely! Not to mention that dude can really hang ten, GOOD JOB MATE! Peace and love with mother ocean 🙂


    Good to see some good ole fashion nose riding…

  • SaltH20

    Not so sure about that head-high call, but major respect to anybody out there in those weather conditons. Fun, clean longboard waves yeah, but 16* windchill? Hardcore.

  • Slim

    Hard to complain about 50 degree water here in NC after watching this.

    DeCanza, how many waves did you miss out on since you had to share them with these guys? Looked like plenty of room and waves for all. Oh, that’s right they bypassed Massachusetts and went to Maine, and you’re still bent out of shape?
    Course, I started surfing in the 60’s when the whole point was to have maximum fun at minimal expense out in the ocean with your buddies whether they were old chums or newly met, so I will admit to not understanding some of the new breed that carries their frustrations into the water and then builds on them by wishing for something better rather than enjoying what the day offers and letting the waves wash the negative away. Thankfully it’s easy enough to paddle away from that type and not let them ruin an otherwise beautiful day.

    These guys don’t appear to be that type. They were just looking for some waves and scored.

    • James

      slim, you got that right amigo. hope to see you out there some time.

  • Keith

    Tried surfing at York Beach back in the 70’s water was cold enough in the low 60’s even in August wouldnt try in now.

  • Dano

    Head high? More like waist high in that photo and some rather weak looking waves without much steepness to them.

    Its cool people chase waves in subfreezing conditions but the actual quality of surfing performance is pretty lackluster as opposed to places with a steeper continental shelf.

  • DS

    Those waves look so weak.. they look about as powerful as a wave breaking in the Great Lakes which is ultra laughable.

    Nick LaVecchia needs an eye exam. “Head high” waves.. hah. waist high is more or less about right.

    It’s cool they are looking for surf in Maine, but you have to be pretty desperate to go out in that stuff. How do I know? I live in New England for 10 years and surf Long Sands, York Beach in Maine several times. Moved to Southern CA and found more powerful consistent surf.

  • Crackdc

    So ? What is the point or purpose. ?
    Looks like a bunch of “surfers” who are not affected by cold weather conditions.

  • Carolyn Cornell Holland

    Nice pictures, low waves, but one question: what beach(es) are pictured? The scenery looks familiar to someone who walked all the land beaches in Maine between Lamoine Beach and Wallis Sands Beach (in New Hampshire). Someone comment on my web site (the New England category?) if you know what they are. Thanks.

  • Richard H Vet Surfer

    Good pics great site! You boys want to try surfing the North Devon Coast England snow included now that chills you to the bone!

  • Josef

    In the beginning of the video, that the north end of Long Sands beach in York, Maine. Towards the end they shifted down to the south end of the same beach. The beach is roughly 2 miles long, mostly beach break. In the summer surfing is restricted to a ~300ft wide surf zone in the middle of the most packed part of the beach (or it was when I left 10 years ago… Don’t know if surfing is still restricted in the summer).

    This is the beach I learned to surf at. Yes its weak, but as New England surfers will tell you… Surf is surf. I live in sunny SoCal now and I laugh when I hear SoCal surfers complain about cold water. In New England I was happy for 2ft waves.

  • Wingnut

    You nailed it Slim and Pope.

    Nice nose riding.