The Search: Final Day

Gabriel Medina takes down Joel Parkinson in rippable Ocean Beach peaks

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| posted on November 07, 2011
  • Gabriel

    brazilians with their wide stances and arrogant claims are taking over the tour

  • Brazilian Dominance

    Wake up dude, brazilians are taking over the tour with real progressive surfing, Medina is the biggest talent since Kelly, and there’s another great generation of brazo young guns just behind him…4 wins in a row (france, portugal, santa cruz and san francisco) is a coincidence? I guess not…so slow dow a bit arrogancy, please…

  • jeff

    Too bad our boys won’t be facing the Brazzo onslaught, they’re too busy making t-shirts and sucking off the teats of their million dollar contracts!


    Brazilians are coming to the TOP. We are going to take the WT. Brazil is the future!

  • Daniel

    I hate these anti-hate commments. Why can’t we simply be glad our pro surfing is skyrocketing, ignore the insults and respect our fellow surfers worldwide? Gabriel is unreal and Brazzos are taking it over but we still have much to prove in Hawaii and keep up this high level over the coming years. So, keep a low profile and enjoy the ride. Peace.

  • Cabo

    They will never come close 2 the champ…stick 2 cage fighting

  • Hairbrainman

    Adriano is a role model for these guys, IMHO, and we’re all in this together anyway. Relax. Those guys are just “hungrier” than us…Viva la Raza Humana!