The Search: Day 2

Kelly Slater claims his 11th world title in San Francisco

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| posted on November 02, 2011
  • Keoni

    Aloha and Congrats to Ke11y!….He is someone who has and still is conquering kids waaaaayyyy younger than him.(LOVE IT!). He is one of the oldest competitors on tour and still KICKING ASS! Yup, I’m an old guy( not tooooo old) who loves when the I see the older guy’s kick the crap out of the new school generation, don’t get me wrong I love the airs(sometimes boring) but, most of all the kids don’t have power hacks or turns in the the critical spots of the wave. It get’s boring to see the Brazilians do the same thing on the wave…BORING! Most of the young guy’s do the same tricks on a wave over and over , very predictible. At least guy’s like Taylor Knox is still showing them how to power surf and still making heats! Hat’s off to the older guy’s! Mahalo -Keoni

  • Don Long

    Great Event! Great waves, sunny with good wind conditions. All in San Francisco. Can you dig it? Mahalo AI for your contribution! We all got to see great surfing, shark issue, and Slater win another phenomenal win. I kinda wish he could have had an earlier heat. Better waves, hollower than later in the day. Good event, very professional with great attendance and tv coverage.