The Search: Day 1

Slater edges closer to his 11th World Title after the first day in San Francisco

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| posted on November 01, 2011
  • Mike

    The shark was real… I watched the replay and for a split second you can see the unmistakable and chilling sight of a triangular fin surfacing as it trolls northward beyond the line-up. You can see it just after Dusty is pointing out the back and Jordy is paddling off screen to the left. I clipped a screen shot of it… no doubt about it. If anyone wants to see if just email me

  • tillish bazooka

    A.I. Forever!

  • tinky winky’s teabag

    Too bad you aren’t covering my hero, Adriano more.
    My countryman is likely to win the event and the title this year.
    With big b-side floater grabs and huge hands in the air like he doesn’t care claims, watch out.
    Good luck felly smazer