The Red Carpet

Kicking off the biggest night in surf

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| posted on December 07, 2012
  • Ted Debiase

    Well done Kelly, JJ, Wardo, all the ladies, and others who look sharp and put some thought into the occasion… aesthetically speaking. But to all the boys who wore ball caps and t-shirts, you look like a bunch of high school jocks who haven’t grown up. Get some style for christs sake! Not a suit necessarily, just some proper stylish duds. Meola in camou? Jesus that is lame. Ya ya ya the kid rips I know.

  • JJ

    Ted….welcome to the North Shore, land of many boys and few men…..but you’re on point with that comment

  • kala alexander

    Braddah in the flanel looks crazy.

  • smithy

    Dion needs new pants the grub.