To The Points

A Mexican trek with Torrey Meister, Josh Mulcoy, and Colt Ward

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| posted on June 04, 2014
  • Diego

    where is the Location? greets

    • PaulTannenbaum

      South, thats all you get. Now go find it!

      • nick s.


      • c money

        Marc Anthony, like you even got barreled…

    • gern blanston

      hell, they even have a street sign at the beginning of the video

  • johhny mcgraw

    there’s a picture of “local” man Mike McGraw. How can he be local if he’s a gringo?

  • Another gringo loc

    When you live somewhere forever you become local, Mike has been surfin Puerto and the coastline probably 30yrs+

    • surfer

      And he is the biggest pole smoking cunt you will ever meet in the water.

  • nick s.