The Perfect Week

Flawless surf graces the California coastline

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| posted on January 24, 2011
  • Lusk

    Wow. Nice gallery guys. Can’t wait to see the gems in print.

  • Ryne Spejcher

    Huntington Beach pier northside was unbelievable this past week. It was amazing

  • jon

    nice pictures of redondo breakwater. that wave looks like fun. i’m going up there with 30 people from huntington. should be a great time

  • HBD

    Don’t be fooled by the Bolsa Chica waves. During the entire swell, it was closed out with only a few makeables.

  • Jay

    Why the fuck do you keep calling ventura spots central california? its SO CAL….anywhere that gets all the LA news stations and channels is still in so cal

  • Jeff

    Man I can’t believe I have a brother so good cuz I’m lousy now 47 and old but I surf in my mind, whoa! I just caught another big one, wish you could see it!

  • Jack Musso

    whoa! i know that guy…What Up Jer-Bear? oh nevermind, just getting barrelled! haha

  • http://google Lawrence L. deBoxtel III

    Killer photos of the old stomping grounds in La Jolla!

  • Local Joe

    That picture of Shaun Burrell getting barreled isn’t him!!!!! It’s ANGELO LUHRSEN!!! That’s MICHAEL LUHRSENS SON the king of the break wall. Intruders beware

  • Chace Luhrsen

    Lol that’s not Burrell. That’s Angelo LUHRSEN. Get with the program.