The Girls of Summer

Images from SALTED Magazine's cutting-room floor

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| posted on July 29, 2013

For much more female surfing, pick up a copy of SALTED Magazine, a women’s surf magazine by the editors of SURFER. On newsstands now.

  • NSNY

    Tear it up ladies!

  • HiKate

    Keep it up girls, you’re definitely inspiration for us! More barrels!!!

  • Shannon Marie Quirk

    yea ladies! epic album, ripping!

  • Tyler Davis

    How you gunna leave Quincy Davis out of that? My sister goes more vertical than 90% of the boys surfing your local spot. #blowingit

  • Liza

    About time “surfer” editors INCLUDE girl surfer images alongside the male line-up not segregate the to a “girls only ” magazine

    • shacked

      this is from a ‘girls only’ mag, called “Salted.” does that make a difference?

    • Randy

      The girl images should be all bikini photos of hot women! None of slobs that Cali is known for.

  • BH70s

    This is awesome. More please!

  • Cheyne de Sousa

    @0652cbd54a3e788e76370728c57d75c2:disqus Yea dude i agree. Yo i think i met you once out in MTK. you slapped my boy across the face for wearing a fedora.

  • Cheyne de Sousa

    Yo i met you in MTK once and you slapped my boy across the face because he was wearing a fedora.

  • Aleja

    Im a surfer girl from central america!!! will love to know where at in central america are the waves of your photos??????? 😛

  • Ire Jay

    Kelia moniz the best female surfer today. PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!
    She may not have world titles or on the tour, but I would put money on that girl then any of you kooks. She longboard and short boards. And she gives back to her community. Something a lot of these pro’s don’t do. her love for the ocean is unimaginable. She is following in the the foot steps of greatness. Like Rell Sunn. And if any of you donkey’s don’t know who Rell Sunn is, just kill yourself. you don’t deserve to surf, moreless call yourself a SURFER! There’s more to surfing then just in the ocean. Kids don’t respect the ocean they don’t respect this gift the Hawaiians introduced to the world. They are only interested in getting in mags or big time sponsers or how much ass they can get. Screw that all you kooks got your priorities wrong. Surfing is about purity, it’s about having peace with oneself, it’s about respect for the ocean and the lifestyle. Its a Spiritual experience that makes you want to do it over and over and over. DONKEY’S!!!!!!!!!!

    • jbinsb

      Yeah, I’m sure Kelia loves having such an “ire” guy rooting for her. Yuh dick.

      • Ire Jay

        I’m a dick? well yeah to kooks who don’t respect our culture and our way of life. I don’t “root” for her you donkey I admire her for what she does in and out of the water. She is a water woman and i would like to see more surfers male and female do what she does. obviously your not a surfer, if you were you would understand what I am saying. just because you play surfing games on the playstation or xbox doesn’t make you a surfer dumb ass. one more thing you don’t know jack about the surf culture,a surfer is a surfer wether it’s male or female, it’s what they do out of the water that makes them a TRUE SURFER…… Somthing you will never be because you only know what you see on tv or on your games……. KOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • KC_swells

      it doesn’t seem like you have too much peace or purity yourself, lashing out at people like that.

  • your mom is hot

    cuz she sucks

  • Surf Nomad

    Are bikinis really a functional item of surfing apparel or the sexploitation of sponsored female athletes?