The Final at Snapper

Kelly Slater and Taj Burrow clash in the highly anticipated final heat

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| posted on March 09, 2011

Click here for the full story of the final day at the Quik Pro

  • amosandy

    Here’s my take: Kelly got tired of hearing people say, “whew, he’s finally reached the end and picked up his 10th crown. Now we can get on with the new generation moving into the top position.” One thing you don’t ever do is let Kelly know you think or are glad that he’s over…that’s when he will pick up the ugly stick and start beating you over and over again. Congrats Kelly your a geniune hero to me. Keep rockin long and hard.

  • Kevin Richardson

    Same people Same wave just more corporate.

  • jjjj

    In the quater, semi and final, Slater rode the first wave in his heats. All of which i believe were the highest scoring wave in each of those heats. From each of those he essentially ended hopes of his opponents beating him. His 8.something wave to start of his quaterfinal heat was very nice. Should have been a perfect 10 if you ask me. The only quality multi barrel ride through the rest of the contest that day.