The 10 Most Photogenic Surfers

According To Art Brewer

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| posted on May 04, 2011
  • rob

    Where is Bunker Spreckles????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • bobby

    kelly kind of looks strange with hair

  • jeff

    This is should be titled “10 most photogenic historical surfers”, and then pull Kelly and Joel out. For 10 most photogenic surfers you definitely need to include Parko. For all the smooth lines Curren made, Parko does the same with modern flair. Can’t believe you left him out.

  • Lisa Pliscou

    What’s great about these photos is how as a gallery they display personality and surfing style: they’re portraits. Really cool!

  • mandar

    amazing pics

  • kerry

    Where is Micky Dora now?


    OCCY?? bueno 10 son muy pocos !! cada surfer es un estilo!!!

  • forrest

    machado??? cmon

  • dude

    If this list came out in say, ’95 it would be relevant. Not so much now…

  • Joe

    I know this list is according to Art……but you have to at least throw in Bruce Irons

  • js808

    dude where’s Buttons on this List?…he’s been pretty much one of the greatest acts in front of the lens in surfing To this Day. character…skills…humor,, a Hawaiian with Aloha.
    No disrespect but this list left him out IMHO.

  • Mike

    Most photogenic Gerry with no bottom turn picture?! Wassup!!!!

  • mick

    Really no Shaun Thomson- from the barrel at off the wall to out of the H20 good looks, guy did not make it ?


    I thought maybe I would see the very handsome, and fluid surfer, Buckwheat Ranney in one of the spots..I just watched a video of him in a lineup of a 1973 session on Maui, and he blew all the surfers outta the water with his graceful movements and knowledge of the wave..Nice pictures Mr. Brewer…I grew up with several of these fellows…Honeydew

  • Pug

    Very nice. Kelly Slater with hair – wow – my first. I like the images

  • Jaimie

    What – no Laird Hamilton, Shaun Tompson, Lauran Yater or Rob Machado?
    Next time let a woman do this piece!!! 😉

  • Joe Mickey

    I used to shoot for the surf magazines… Got a lot of photos of good women surfers… It’s really sad that in 2013 this list does not even have one woman.

    Seriously boys…