Ten Most Badass Surfers

According to Mark Healey

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| posted on February 21, 2013
  • chris

    Heavy that four of these guys are dead. Wow.

  • Luke

    WHAT?! No McNamara?!

  • RyanFFFF

    Haha love the story about Jay. I saw Chasing Mavericks and I instantly loved Jay’s story. He’s truly a great big wave surfer, and an excellent human being.

  • kevin

    seems to me there is a guy named Ken and another named Peter

  • john

    wheres JOB?

  • Patrick

    ummmm… Nathan Fletcher??

  • Young_Wet_Bitches

    Todd Chesser… one of the most badass chargers of all time!

  • Chris

    This is Marks top ten….get your own top ten.

  • Boots Towner

    Go Lozza say his old man 🙂

  • matt

    Bruce irons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hBmyke

    What’s up with suFline all ofa’ sudden starting to talk so much shit on California? You MOTHERFUCKERS only exist because of the people in this state. Take your bullshit to OZ if you please. You will the n spin out and yet amother brilliant mind in the Mantel of our state will carry The Torch. Watch your mouth yopu little bitches whrn you talk shit on the G!!!!!

  • John

    nonsurfer: “what’s a smoking pit? what do you even mean by that?”
    surfer: “would you like a definitive example?”
    nonsurfer: “OK”
    surfer: “Do you see the first image in the above series?”
    nonsurfer: “yes”
    surfer: “OK”

  • Wave Chasser

    Greg Noll the True Big Wave Chaser of all Time

  • stacey

    Junior Moepono
    dane kealoha
    johnny boy gomes
    vince Collier
    marvin foster
    titus kinimaka
    mark foo
    Kala Alexander
    kai Berger

  • Jimmy the Saint

    Great article, I liked how it was based on his personal experiences with each of his nominees, and it was based on each surfers exploits in the water. Mark is a legend in his own right, I can think of few other individuals who personify the term ‘waterman’ like Mr Healy

  • Lyle

    Greg Russ

  • Caleb Rosen

    where the fuck is bruce irons and nathan fletcher!!??!?

  • caliorda

    a really great rank but i really miss this guys on it…



    O Brien


    John John Florences

  • Airdrop76

    Nate Fletcher should be on that list.

    Then again, Nate wouldnt want to be on that list. He likes being just under the radar.

  • Jimmy the Saint

    Surfer magazine, this is addressed to you guys, I read this article online earlier this week, but only received my magazine this week in the post. It was a bit of a let down to see an article in it I had already read, could you guys make sure that you are not posting stuff online from the mag before subscribers get their mags.

  • Airdrop76

    Agree 100% with Jimmy the Saint

    And to make it worse, they only listed 5 “Badass” surfers in the mag.
    Come on guys. SURFER is already light on content these days. At least give us the full article in a mag we PAY for!!

    oh and by the way, having 24 pages of wetsuit ads before we even get to a picture or the Editors intro isn’t cool or edgy or whatever, It’s lame and lazy magazine production.

    I know you have to pay the bills… but really ?

  • Surfchic

    HELLLOOOOOO Kelly Slater 11X world Champion who just won The Eddie!!! Can ride any wave, any size, any part of the world with the skill and finness to top anyone!! If that ain’t BAD ASS then I don’t know what is! Can’t believe you didn’t include him!!

  • Joe

    Yeah, you could almost guess that Slater would be dissed. Just not cool to acknowledge his accomplishments.

  • Dave Stoeber

    Interesting that there are no native Hawaiians on the list…I’ve been surfing 35 years & the guys who take off the deepest & show the most sack are Hawaiians.

  • Jason

    I realize that this is Mark’s list and he got to choose who’s in it, so plenty of people got left off that the rest of us think should be there, but I got to say my peace and say

    No Laird?, really?

  • LaNeta Roth

    I know this is only one mans list but, he did forget some of the true legends of the sport. Article reads BAD ASS who better than IRONS!! That should have been a sure bet. You gotta love Kelly Slater not sure if he is a bad ass tho’. I agree with the post above about Hawaiians. This is where the heart of surfing lies. This coming from a chic who loves surfers!!


    I guess everyone has a different definition of “BadAss”
    But I would say that the first Dudes who rode Pipe and Huge Waimea back in the 50 were certainly BADASS! Noll, Stang, Curran Sr., Cole, ect…
    Also not including Laird is a huge mistake- he pretty much single handedly popularized the current Big Wave riding scene. Titus, Dane, JBG, & Nathan are my personal BADASS Favorites, but if I had to choose one- it is Kelly- it takes Mad Discipline and Huge balls to acheive what he has done, and that my friends is truely BADASS!

  • Craig

    Why single out just 10 guys.Anyone who charges 20ft plus surf any where in the world is a badass. Know matter what race you are or what decade you are from . Big wave surfers are in a class of there own.The guys paddling to jaws or mavericks GOT HUGE ONES.

  • megoodself

    So yet again it seems Jeff Clark’s feat of surfing Mavericks alone for years and years is ignored and he doesn’t count as badass. Let’s hope that Discovering Mavericks will tell the true story of what a true surfer and pioneer the Man is.

  • jack eaker

    surfers are terrific atheletes. the bigger the waves the more awesome the rider.truley amazing

  • http://yahoo carl

    I can’t imagin what you were thinking, or the lack of!!! Laird,Slater, Noll, Perkins, Aikau…. Don’t ignor these guys, because they are or were the best at what they do.

  • smokinjoe

    The most badass surfers are the ones who you will never meet. They surf places that you’ve never heard of and they don’t tell anyone about it. Badass surfers have no ego. They are finished surfing before you paddle out. They have lists and lists of spots where they can go surf for themselves. They go through their days knowing they have something so special that they wouldn’t want to ruin it by making everything public knowledge.

  • Barron H

    Wheres christian flectcher or chirs ward just cause you charge doesnt mean your “badass”

  • sam

    what does it say when half of the list is already dead?

  • ixtepo cadafau

    This is just the 10 Bad Ass surfers that are/were buddies of Mr. Badass himself. He is vouching for people he rides waves with in a more regular basis.

    Here is my top ten

    1 Laird Hamilton
    2 – Greg Noll
    3 – Greg Long
    4 – Garret McNamara
    5 – Carlos Burle
    6 – Ross Clarke-Jones
    7 – Ken Bradshaw
    8 – Eddie Aikau
    9 – Mark Foo
    10 – Shane Dorian

  • johnnie c

    j.o.b. and johnny boy

  • flames

    Come on guys!!! let be honest , this is fucking wrong .. where is Nathan Fletcher?????

  • chuck walters

    eddie and noll are the only ones that should be on that list…the rest are posers chasing fame and surf industry (the devil) dollars. Including you mr healy!

  • CHUCKnorris

    Hey retards… If you read it says this list is compiled by Healy. This is who Healy gives respect too. He is allowed to have a difference of opinion than you cause he’s more badass than you.

  • Mik

    Great list, and great insights by a badass himself.

    These guys are all on another level.

    I have experienced sudden fear when tired, and faced with a 15′ lip on my head…
    I really can’t even conceptualize the levels of fear that these guys blow off routinely.

    I’m totally in awe.

    (I would have included Bruce Irons with Andy, tho’)

  • Awesome

    Awesome list with awesome stories

  • eddie

    Tim Gras