Teahupoo Roars Again

The beast of the South Pacific hosts another round of death-defying tow and paddle sessions

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| posted on June 03, 2013
  • Andrew

    BRILLEY’s BACK!!!!!! Dude is sick.

  • Adam

    Briley lives!

  • Bronson

    Oh my goodness – these shots are amazing, my stoke meter is so full right now it’s virtually oozing out of every pore…. thank goodness there surf at my local break tomorrow morning.

  • Curt

    Raimana always in the middle of the fun stuff, Jetski’s, kites, huge farking barrels. All day

  • Totefa

    Wow, congratulations Teva! Killing it!

  • J Saracho

    Has anyone noticed the face full of fear on the foamball in the discarded board shot? That wave is scared of itself!

  • bob

    Someone should let surfer mag. know that their captions do not match the photo’s.

  • Ben

    Are Garrett Mcnamara’s feet still strapped into his board while he’s upside down? You can’t see the board but it looks like he’s got straps over his feet. That’s a gnarly shot!

  • Judas115

    So perfect…

  • Mike Kay

    I LOVE it!