Tasmanian Ledges

Tackling mutant barrels at Shipstern's Bluff

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| posted on July 23, 2012
  • Lazza

    I’m just so sorry to see no comments on this feature. These guys are charging and they get no recognition, just so sad to see someone like Kolohe get more exposure when he just throws another air, total respect for these guys they are out there doing it for themselves not for the fame or glory, I love there commitment, keep it up boys I appreciate this feature.

  • Whamo

    Lazza is right. Ships has got to be the most difficult wave in the world to surf.

  • M.a.shaunee

    I am very impressed on the presentation that “Surfer” magazine did here on the Web site and these wonderful photo and movie premire.
    It not everyday that one travels the internet and finds such
    “gold” in their hands for all to see !!! My hat is off to you for all what you do here !!! Awesome and as I like to say … as silly it mayseem to some out there . This is: “Cool Beans” & I’m likin it !!!


    If that first wave was in HAWAII it would be 20ft+

  • jeff schmucker

    sik shots chiz….danny chargn… guys must smash some cartons of paleys afta a day out there!!