Tahitian Visions

Teahupoo and beyond with SURFER lensman Morgan Maassen

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| posted on July 12, 2011
  • Earl of Sandwich

    What is up with the foof? Have you seen the photos of Cloudbreak on Surfline and Transworld? Pure, epic, unfiltered balls the the wall surfing….C’mon people.

  • National Park Photos

    Awesome pics. I would absolutely love to go to Tahiti to score some waves and frame some shots. Enjoyed this quick ‘trip’ you provided. Thanks!

  • Al Aduca

    Island wave Island mentality,no bad vibes from the visiting surf crew and respect, and everyone can enjoy the true surf feelings that was meant to be….Aloha

  • Mik

    SURFER Magazine:

    Becoming more like a watered down Outside magazine all of the time… Pandering to aging Yuppies who vicariously sip on adventure. This is what happens when magazines are taken over by corporations that are run by CEO’s who are out swinging golf-clubs. Surfer’s founder, John Severson, had balls. He sided with the counter-culture because he was part of it. He was cutting edge before cutting edge even existed.

    Tahiti is awesome, but frame it in the context of a photo essay that isn’t something anyone with a digital camera can produce. Earl of Sandwich speaks for us all.

  • Daniel Brennan

    Beautiful and breathtaking, excellent work Morgan! I hope to see Tahiti for myself some day soon. Can’t wait!

  • Matt

    Outstanding photos. Very nice to see some of the other aspects of the island. I like to contrast them against my photos of Ascension Island. Where Earl and Mik will never have the balls or knwo how to get to. 🙂

  • Earl of Sandwich

    It continues to bother me that the people now in charge of the “bible of the sport” will push pre-mature B talent incessantly, while firing photographic legends that built this magazine. Yes, it bothers many of us.

  • Mik

    Matt: Not sure why I’d want to go there, but for sure fear would not be a reason why I wouldn’t.

  • Earnest of Sandbar

    I love what i am seeing. Keep up the great work Surfer, it’s nice to see our rapidly-evolving sport – and art form – through the eyes of young photographers.

  • dman


  • aframer

    I dig it!
    Flashbacks from my last trip there.