Tahiti Untamed

Teahupoo returns to center stage as the first monster swell of the year rolls through

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| posted on May 14, 2013
  • Pierre Marqua

    Who is the bodyboarder? This guy needs some recognition. You know a bogger is rocking when surfermag runs a shot. Last one was a poster of Mike Steward back in the early 90’s

  • Marcia Parente

    Uhuuuuuuu!!!! Big Pedro Manga!!!!! Yeahhhhhh!!!! Congratilations!!!!!!

  • Bronson

    Wow, the sets coming through to Teahupoo right now are melting my mind – keep them coming.

    I have to see these waves for myself before I die. This is pure BMT.

  • charles

    @Pierre, that bodyboarder’s name is Dan Ryan, lives in West Aus. Rides some pretty crazy waves on a surfboard too


    The gutsy guy riding the bodyboard is Dan Ryan. He’s one of those underground chargers you hear very little about.

    He paddled into that thing probably knowing what was going happen. Would be the best if you guys gave him a ‘shout out ‘.

    Cheers guys

  • Jeff

    Don’t mess with Kohl – he has bear hands!

  • Hayden

    I like waves

  • Joe Mickey

    From a former surf photographer… some great work here… only problem is a slow viewing upload speed here in India

  • joe holywood

    surfer magazine best in the world

  • Byron

    awesome photos!

  • Charles

    wheres the pictures!

  • david maness

    lets see the pics

  • Bobby Lee

    What’s the name of the guitar soundtrack tune?

  • http://none ferman carrillo

    Totally awesome shot.The blue in the back of the wave is also awesome .INTENSE !!!!!!!!

  • Ursus Magnus

    COWABUNGA! (Real surfers don’t say dude.)

  • Suzanne Rush

    cowabunga right on!!!! in the 60s no one thought it could be surfed!LOL! but I saw it!

  • butch


  • deimme


  • jim

    wow thats amazing stuff

  • Brett Hardison

    I want to ride monsters in exotic spots, I grew up on the east coast of florida but I got my GED in San Juan Capistrano, in southern orange co. cal. I lived in San Clemente and rode my bike to lowers every day, with a bottle of water and some snacks to keep me going. I have been in love with the ocean since my earliest memories. I am dedicated and I cant say I am 100% phisically ready if the swell hit tomorrow but preparation is everything and I could be ready in six weeks. I just want to make my life something I could say to myself that im proud of.



  • Frankie Phillips