California Gold

The west coast lights up with a stretch of firing winter swell

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| posted on January 29, 2014

A season’s worth of waves over one winter week in California.

  • Jeff

    interesting view of the jetty at OB, never seen it from that perspective before.

    • Eggy Loc

      hey jeff. don’t name spots, you goon.

      • CHUCK

        you F%%%%ing turd you never get barreled just like everyone else on the internet

      • PLuc

        dude shut up everyone knows that spot in SD, its kooks like you that bring aggression to the lineup

        • Ann M. Adam

          Yeah!!! and I’m 78 years old!!! LOL

      • gern blanston

        Spots that have any kind of sacredness are hundreds of miles from your tainted soul

  • Tim Phipps

    That’s Hammerland in the South Bay…not OB dude !

    • Eggy Loc

      Hey, Tim. don’t name spots, kook.

      • Bacon Man

        Hey everyone. Eggy surfs at Ponto. It’s always good there. Go join him.

        • eggy jr.

          Dude its flat again….

  • jetty_surfer

    lol….Like the Jetty in OB is a secret spot…that’s hilarious.

    • tyty

      guaranteed eggy loc moved here 2 years ago from Tucson. “bro I’ve surfed here 20 times and i live on ebers….I’m local!!!”

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  • Girlinacurl

    Yea. Missing that view right now from NC. But memory serves there were a lot of young guns on meth who thought bc they live there a few years that made them locals. Just sayin. Live let live and it’s still all good. Right?

  • Donald Walton

    No Ghost Trees?

  • imdumb

    Here’s the spot on google maps. Everybody is cool here so feel free to paddle out. Check out Lunada bay too.,-118.4281395,289a,35y,180h,39.47t/data=!3m1!1e3

  • Daniel

    Great shots.

  • PsurphKohldH20

    Fags, every surf video comment or article comments look the same, a bunch of dipshits talking like they discovered surfing. Especially if you call yourself a surfer and dress like the pros you emulate and try to talk like them after you watch an interview haha. Then go around calling everyone a kook HA what a gay word 🙂 use a better word, you only use it because you heard someone else say it. Not even offensive… Why not turn kook into yuppie pussy fags 🙂

  • PsurphKohldH20

    I “Ride boards” vs “I’m a surfer” how smug


    ahhh blacks



  • arillo

    California has always been known for not naming spots. You really shouldn’t name spots.

    • Ann M. Adam

      When did “always” start? I can’t imagine Hobie worried about “naming spots” when he started surfing.

  • jay adams

    funny how some of you kids think its cool to try to act local,,,,quess what IM LOCAL WHEREVER I SURF,,,,, GOD MADE IT FOR ALL OF US ,,,respect everyone especially when your outta your hometown and you might get a few waves wherever you go

  • bud

    Longboards line the point. Ironic nice right all three guys are “goofy foot”,not that there’s any thing wrong with it.Looks fun!