Summer’s End

South swell highlights from the West Coast

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| posted on September 05, 2012
  • orange county paddle boarding

    love the pictures.. I think it really captures all the excitement that is involved… makes me not want summer to end!

  • south county

    #15 of Pat is not in north county, sd….

  • Mr North

    Funny… you write that this story is all about California but every picture but one was in So-Cal. Next time change the story title to S-Swell lights up So-Cal.

  • beach break

    i can’t remember one combo swell event this summer. Everything that came in was pretty much walled up so unless you like to surf the super crowded breaks it was one of the worst summers on record. Even the hurricane swells were walled up. Not a good summer for open beach break surfers. Glad summer is over, glad everyone is back in school or working. Bring on the fall and a well deserved combo swell.

  • pwall

    Amazing bunch of photos from a pretty good swell. Thought it was going to be bigger at some spots though.

  • Linanir

    I loved the pictures. it reminds me of my hometown in the south of Morocco. the best waves and surfers life

  • http://jamsurfboards Jeff Miller

    Yeah, thats me…the 43rd guy from the right. Saw some of the good ones.

  • Big Fan

    that guy at #21 is having the run of a lifetime with that photo, it’s on surfline’s feature too. must be psyched. nice pic.