Summer in Europe

Dane Gudauskas, Joel Tudor, and crew sample weird boards and warm water in France and Spain

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| posted on August 09, 2011
  • Wyatt

    PEOPLE – DO NOT BE ALARMED. That 3rd picture is not of actual surfers. Glaser poached it from the photo shoot for next month’s Les Total Barns. So again, we are not turning into full-on d-bags. Don’t stress.

  • neinfore

    In the last picture, the “unorthodox Spanish quiver” is made up of Wave Gliders surfboards primarily. these guys are Portuguese and shape and glass their boards there, not in Spain. I’m sure they would want that mentioned. The bumblebee, the quad and the blue longboard on the left with the glassed on black and white D-fin are all theirs… maybe some of the others too. Can’t be sure.

  • Dawn

    Um Wyatt, isn’t that Chris del Moro in the middle sporting the “Hippies” t-shirt?

    Regarding the quiver shot – I think that’s a Bing Speed Square up front and center.