Sumatra Shacks

Photos of freight-train barrels off the coast of North Sumatra

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| posted on August 29, 2013
  • Jonathan Wong

    need video!!!!

  • Aloha Copy & Scanning

    Now that’s what I’m TALKING ABOUT! boooo freak’n ya! wheres the video that proves they are “freight-train barrels” and not just barrels?

  • RM

    more pics and video please, pretty please.

  • julian

    it took me over 3 minutes to load the SPY ad before the photo feature. i hate SPY now.

    • 420

      get adblock…

  • julian

    there’s some terrible pixelation in the sky and wave in some of these pics. still awesome though.

    • Tó Mané

      It’s not pixelation, is the great Canon Hight ISO Noise.
      Please change to Nikon!!!

  • Dave Bikinis

    Gotta say, the colour is all over the place on some of these shots, I appreciate that the weather was probbably cloudy but…..

  • hang10

    nice longboarding wave!