A late-season storm brings epic A-frames to the Outer Banks

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| posted on November 14, 2011
  • Greg Hamby

    Sub Trop Storm Sean did not produce “epic” conditions Frisco was 90% close out.
    Photos can twist the truth. Looks like Shakleford was good

  • suzanne shore-barley

    Fantastic shots, Matt. I’m assuming that rope is only for serious fishermen–2 get 2 the end of the pier where the fish are running…

    I enjoy your work.

  • Mike

    So I click on a link (from your Surfer email blast) to this article about the Outer Banks, and I get an advertisement before anything else?

    How are you going to capture an internet reader’s attention if there’s a 20 second add before the content that they want to see?

    Sorry, just had to vent about that. I know everyone needs to advertise to make $$.

  • Scooter

    Matt this one looks like the surfer is the soul survivor of a nuclear disaster going out to catch a few waves by himself.


    S<CK my dick greg i saw makealbe head high barrels for 5 days striaght crankin of that bitch.