At Your Own Risk

One hell of a south swell slams the California, Mexico, and Nicaragua coasts

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| posted on July 16, 2014
  • Trogan Fan

    one of the most confusing things in life is pros in full suits in July in SoCal, particularly this summer.

    • DumbDumb

      The question is though, would you really want to get pounded suitless into the sand at The Wedge? Or do you already get pounded suitless at The Wedge? Shits rough, I’m still pickin pebbles out my back haha

      • Spooky

        I decided to leave the sand and pebbles embedded in my face instead of getting a tat and desecrating my ear lobes.

    • Spooky


  • TJP44

    wear mine all the time…….water never gets above 68 really and it keeps muscles loose….not so comfortable on the beach however…

    • Andrew Bennett

      The water was 74° for like two weeks straight. Even then, I’m cooking in a fullsuit in 68° water.

  • SFsurfer

    Trogan Fan, get a grip. Why do you give a sh&% what some other dude is wearing?

  • SFsurfer

    You guys need to get a grip with this fashion policing the water. If someone else is comfortable in their suit and you are comfortable trunking it, then who cares. Just surf and mind you own business. You guys must be 13. If that is the case, you are excused, otherwise seek counseling.

  • southernether

    that’d be cool

  • Rogan Fan

    Why is no one surfing naked. The wedge is the best place for ball rash.

  • Guest

    Sorry wetsuit police, I must have missed the memo about this rule.