South of the Border

Summer swells light up the coast from Mainland Mexico to Costa Rica

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| posted on July 10, 2011
  • maria

    This is sick! keep posting these amazing photos, cant keep my eyes of it!

  • Johnny Z.

    Nice pics, but how did the “Highway 101” one from Lowe-White get past the photo editors? The “horizon” is mysteriously apparent in the foreground AND the background, and is totally uneven. I guess if you are going for a collage look, then it works…but I I’d rather see what the scenery actually looks like. Thank you.

  • Jeff

    Lowe White is a “photo editor”… If that’s what they are calling it these days… Glaser kinda blows doors on everyone in this gallery, when you got it you got it I guess…

  • bo

    The pic that Lowe White took wasn’t a collage its the tinted window in the car. In central america everyone tents the top and bottom of the front windshield. Im surprised that there isn’t Barcelona soccer stickers in the tent so it’s obvious. Good pics from Playa Santana!