LA’s Perfect Storm

In Los Angeles, a rare storm brings the biggest waves in decades to a fickle South Bay beachbreak

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| posted on March 03, 2014
  • Gandhi Warhol

    #DaFuq !!!!

  • mo

    nice to see alex gray with some exposure again! go alex!

  • Yo Yo

    Is this Shitpipe? If so, absolutely INSANE.

    • Chazzersize

      Shitpipe is the opposite end of the S.Bay. It’s Burnout in at Torrance Beach.

      • GrandDaddyBlockChain

        It ain’t Torrance Beach…………It’s Hollywood Beach

    • jock

      (Sh*tpipe) I got one of those in my house. Goes from the back of the loo to the public sewer……nothing insane or generally interesting about it really.

  • Jocko

    way to really mix up the diversity of the shots. do you guys just post up any batch of photos sent you as long as it has a pro surfer riding?

  • Mahdi

    So am I supposed to stay out of the water for 72 hours after it rains or is that just something locals made up to get good storm swells to themselves? LOL

    • MysticMagicks

      Health officials say that you should stay out of the water for around 72 hours after a rain, because the rivers and storm drains get washed into the ocean and cause raised bacteria levels.

      But most people go out anyways. It tends to keep a lot of people out, which is nice.

      • KIMchi kush

        officials are actually saying 5 days now

        • MysticMagicks

          Well then, I guess surfline needs to update it’s information.

      • kpb

        Just got out of the water 4 days pot. Filthy. Couldn’t identify some of the crap floating by.

  • Trogan Fan

    It’s cool there are so many shots of Alex. He’s the only good surfer in LA.

    • MiloGoesToCollege

      You’ve obviously never surfed around the South Bay, there are plenty of underground guys that rip

      • Stu Azole

        but apparently none who understand sarcasm.

        • MiloGoesToCollege

          touche’, i’m an idiot

  • Chuck
  • Anthony Costa

    I spent my teen years being fooled by photos likes these into believing that a makeable shoulder was normal in LA County. A few trips to Hawaii, and I gave up sponging because I couldn’t take another freezing, hopeless, 100-yard winter closeout at Drains. Somebody tell me that they regularly get good rides somewhere in LA other than a rare sandbar, Santa Ana day?

    • Mahdi

      LA? LA is the best cuzzo!

  • northwest monoskier

    too many bad captions and shots of alex gray, i mean he rips but come on.

    • Jock

      ….what does he rip? I did the splits once and ripped my Armani underpants.

  • Spike


  • Ash

    Can everyone please stop whinging. It’s an online mag giving you free shots of a great swell..

  • Bohdi Utah

    Swell of the year?

  • JOck

    Swell of the century, here’s to the next 86 years.

  • shooootsbrah

    fuck that was pretty sick. would be nice to see some local heroes besides alex gray . yea i get it hes from the south bay , i think everyone knows that . alex is still a charger and good style tho. cool to see timmy reyes in there. every photo or clip i see of that guy he is in some beautiful waves.