Snapper’s Finest

Rabbit Bartholomew on the greatest Snapper surfers of all time

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| posted on March 04, 2013
  • Ehren

    How about “China” Rabbit? Regular foot, goofy foot… either way he pleased, the guy used to effortlessly park it in the tube from deep and he was one of the few to employ the leg-drag-stall when pig-dogging. Like MP, he too had that shrill whistle from deep in the barrel – not to mention the donkey call and plethora of other odd sound effects. Where’s this dude at now – is he still doing it?! Let’s see a piece on the unsung heroes Surfer! Yew!

  • mo jo

    Occy, Kelly

  • Blizz

    Dane v Parko, 2009 was it?