Small Surf

Surviving a flat spell just requires a minor shift in perspective

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| posted on August 28, 2013
  • j

    east coast has been flat as fuck for like 2 months………… WASSUP WIT DAT

  • enstoklos

    THESE WAVES, my friends, are what body surfing was invented for. If you really want to ride waves, even if small, you can surf them with your damn body. If you’re only lucking to whine, then carry on…

  • MLBCane

    Flat? You guys complain about being flat in the west coast? Anybody wants to switch residences with me? I live in Satellite BEach FL.

  • Derek

    okay some of those are not ankle slappers.

  • ripplerider

    try living on the gulf coast and you’ll learn what flat is

  • gouda

    Its been so flat on the east coast that some of these photos look fun as hell!

  • Folly Pancakes

    That Joe Arron picture? That’s an 8 out of 10 in South Carolina. You surfers with access to consistent, real open ocean groundswell, don’t realize how lucky you have it. In the hierarchy of American surfing, the ocean where I surf is only better than Georgia and the Great Lakes. It gets old, fast, especially when you’re 6’2″.

  • Woody

    I only seem to break fins when it is this flat and I am jonsing so hard I milk it all the way in. When I start to fuss about the Great SoCal Flatness of 2013 I cheer myself up by being thankful that I do not live in South Carolina.

  • loboROJO

    Dear Surfer,

    Thank you for the never ending supply of insanely awesome background pictures!

  • Aloha Copy & Scanning

    Some nice pics here. They need peeps or some recognizable object in them so you can really see how small it is.


    Thats california for the last 3 weeks

  • b

    Give me the biggest one of these waves and I’m a happy man here in Switzerland!

    • kev

      amen!! we would be stoked for this during hk summer!!

  • FLsurfer

    I live in Pensacola, FL, the Gulf Coast armpit and Lower Alabama. But we have had the most consistent summer that I have seen in years. It’s hasn’t gotten real big. Tropical Storm Andrea was fun, overhead and glassy. But there have been alot of waist to chest high days, which is welcome because it can typically be FLAT July-mid Sept.

  • Radical

    Get a Carver skateboard……it’s like a nicotine patch for flatspells

  • Dav Id

    Epic. Ankleslabbers and funneling little sandbars. I could watch them all day if I could.

  • Mickey

    Try disney land Paris!

  • skim_d

    that pic with gary Utile is an epic shorie liner. would love to skim that….

  • Arti Firsov

    And here is my wave ..

  • rio

    some of those are really nice