Slater Wins at Lowers

Highlights from the final days

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| posted on September 20, 2012
  • Matt OBrien

    that was all time! King Ke11y does it again… without the “help” of the judges. Nobody can claim that he was pushed to victory. IF anything they [judges] tried sooo hard to stop him, but he found his cape and SUPER SCHOOLED Them all [Both the Judges and the Field]. all is right in the world once again… next stop France, where Slater is NOT the top seed so he won’t [shouldn’t] have a wildcard! yewwwwwwww

  • Rob

    Shame Jordy went down that way… Kelly freak

  • Matthew Gillenberg

    Jordy got juked but Parko surfed well. Slater can at times, receive what could be perceived as preferred treatment but this time, it was different. He overcame internal conflict caused by outside forces to manufacture a win. His competitiveness cannot be underestimated.

  • Lawrence & Daisy

    Go Kelly!! Wow Go Surfing!! The contests are so great now-a-days! Reading online with my daughter. We love to pics. Thanks!

  • the spanner

    No way Jordy beat Parko today. You guys are tripping

  • pete curry

    If you want to beat a machine, you have to build a better machine

  • hugh

    Parko also got badly boosted v Flores in Taihiti. Judges seem to love his buttery low risk cutbacks, but almost 100% of surfers agree Jordy got badly skunked – hopefully things will change going forward.

  • Dante Rondo

    It was an awesome contest over all. The level of surfing was so high, like it is these days. Any one of those guys could have won it based on how good they all surfed !! It would have been great to see John John, Brother, Medina, Pupo, Julian ,Jeremy, Jordy, Ace and Pat G. go further in the contest ! But Kelly, Mick and Parko are the vets, and their surfing just seems to get better and better ! I doubt anyone was too surprised that Kelly took it in the end. But we know it also could have been Parko or Mick or… ? All those guys just rip !!! The stage is set for the rest of the 2012 WCT tour to be exciting, Ya !

  • john

    Why was Machado on stage ?

  • Mariano

    Another milestone to Kelly’s 50 ASP win, seems like everytime we see him break another record, we can’t stop thinking that the end of the line is near, and he will soon retire, but then again, he’s at the top of his game, in any case, I enjoy seen him everytime, like it was the last, because there will only be one Kelly, ever.

  • Byron

    Jordy got so done in by the judges, wrong person advanced to the finals. Final should have been between Kelly ( of course) and Jordy. Think Kelly would still come out on top though.
    Is it not strange how the judges (get told) to score a last wave situation – too many times it is a score so calculated that it is just unbelievable.

  • Rob

    So lame to post a picture of a unfinished turn, al lest say that that parko’s DG air wasn’t complete… Kelly King, Jordy has the strongest rail work since sunny.

  • http://surfermag Stephanie

    K.S… There is no substitute.

  • Daniel

    Jordy humiliated Parko. Was really embarrassing. Jordy was robbed, no doubt. Judges lost their minds. Parko looked silly out there, all flow and no power. Totally destroyed by Jordy.

  • Whamo

    I didn’t see a big difference in the top twelve surfers. They’re all ripping hard. Some of the judging decisions seemed based on marketing and hype considerations instead of turns or tricks. There’s no real alpha male among the bunch. They’re all Wave Warriors. Some of the best surfers peaked early. Kelly seems to have really dialed in when to peak.

  • Alex

    Kelly was fur shur way more on point than anyone else, although everyone was ripping