Single-Fins on the Sunshine Coast

A groovy gallery from Noosa

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| posted on March 29, 2011
  • Felix

    I miss my old spots…

    Thank you surfermag for picking up Morgan Maasen. He is the best photographer of his generation and will continue to shine for a long time.

  • Hamish Timmins

    I love Noosa and spent a sweet week (Feb 14-18) at Little Cove this year. I wonder if Morgan was shooting there then? If so I would really like to see some more pics.

  • dave

    i kind of think his photos are way over rated…but everyones entitled to their own opinion

  • Grom

    Cheap Cheap Cheap Cheap

  • kyle tueffert

    ha i love surfers who are keeping longboarding alive it brings to life the photos of ron stoner back in the day,i knew some of kamerons friends the twins ryan and collin,,cool to see him on surfer mag keepin the retro style alive ,mad props