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| posted on February 14, 2013
  • Miguel Martinez
  • tonay

    God you guys are so clever, thanks for melting my heart.

  • Old Man Funk

    Looks like Jobos to me. Rocks outside have a hole that spits on big days, and inside is veeeeery shallow rock covered in red and black urchins.

  • Steveo

    That shot of Dane looks timeless. Instantly made me think of that shot of Curren.
    Not quite the same but theres similarities……

  • Eduardo

    Definitely this is Puerto Rico, they are drinking Medalla beer, our local one!

  • Eduardo

    That is in Puerto Rico, they are drinking Medalla, our local beer!

  • Obie

    no solo la cerveca medalla… la foto es de dylan graves, uno de nuestros heroes del surf. viva puerto rico papi.

  • Eldar

    How I can find picther perfect like this to dawonlod ?

  • bequet

    Where is this little place of paradise please ? 🙂

  • whamo

    Your photography catches the universal moments of surfing. I’d like to see more photo essays like this one.

  • Bohdi Utah

    I’ve been wanting to know for 2 plus years were is the spot on picture #1. Anybody?
    My guess is Guadalope or some small island on the lesser Antilles but there are so many that who knows. Please tell me I promise I wont tell