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Another Day For The Lunatics In Tasmania

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| posted on May 23, 2011
  • whamo

    Why don’t the pros have a contest at this spot? It’s probably the most difficult and dangerous wave in the world to surf. If you’re claiming you’re the best surfer in the world I can’t think of a more challenging venue. Make a few waves here, and those claims you monkey trick artists do all the time will be justified. But surfing is no longer about making the wave or tube rides. It’s about how many skateboard tricks you can do in beachbreak closeouts.

    • Rob

      Only a small handfull of surfers in the world can surf waves like this. its not about how in shape you are, its how well you and your tow in buddy work together, and how much balls you have. You simply wouldnt find enough pros out there to run a contest. These guys are in a league of their own completely. So do you even surf or are you just trash talking? even pro contests are held in places like pipe, jaws and more. Just because the waves arent huge all the time doesnt mean that the contests dont hold talented guys. The sport has progressed further and further each year. Doing a “skateboard trick” on a wave is twice as difficult and is what separates the pros from the joes.

  • jess

    @whamo couldnt have said it better myself. these contests are looking more and more like the local skate parks. what happened to surfing……

  • Pete Hodgson

    Off the hook!!!!!!

  • KPWahine

    I would never. Could never. That’s a guarantee to show up in a coffin. Mind blowing.


    ESSE CARA É MACHO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Regi Galvão

    O melhor tubo de maio, Aloha SNI.

  • Damon


  • Birdie the Boardie

    Mind boggling…body killing…
    How do their go-nads fit in their wet suits?

  • Sparky

    Wow. Is all I can say. The furry of nature. Notice the pic of the wave that doesn’t want to be ridden. To the right it satan’s evil oxen face coming out through the wave. Be afraid. Be very afraid! Dang.

  • Angie

    u just got to have respect for these guys

  • Splash

    Wow……that takes some extra large ones in the sack….

  • sandy

    You know ,i am 60yrs.old and surfed pretty much of my life when i was younger,also fear was never an issue about not being able to surface above the ocean floor ever again,but i surfed a spot in so.cali, where i lived 2 blocks away ,and watched the ground swell whip up and crash like this in a spot known as Trestles ,always tubular and not really friendly at some times,i paddled out alone @6 am no one out or around and looked outside and said oh shit where did this set come from F– — — K, !!!!!, nasty looking ,passed up three monsters that had a rip tide blowing off this point and turned around two paddles and the swell was no longer a swell but a bone crunching giant ,all i wanted to do was turn right fly to the bottom and look back to see height and the popping sound like a train ready to run over my ass. They had form ,but over ran swell after swell and built up like a beach break ,anyway it did scare me ,after that a guy taking pictures on the beach said he didn’t even see how i got outside .I used a Gordon & Smith 8′ 6′ and still have it in my collection.Sorry about the all the drama ,but a true story,you just never know what you get into …..old surfers never die

  • http://yahoo mike

    These are some sick pics these surfers have some BIG NADS the pics send chills down my back my hat off to these surfers they are brave

  • http://yahoo Jenn

    How can anyone said, there is No Living God, after seeing these awesome waves, that man is riding the force of the water.

  • thijs surfer

    respect dude, i wanna try that one day

  • Coach

    WTF is wrong with these people? That is just StUpId! Whatever it is they are smoking or drinking over there but, I don’t want any of it lol! No way I’d do that, God didn’t give me a whole lot of smarts but He gave me enough to not do that HA!

  • D-Dog

    I am NEVER surfing.

  • cris

    By skill and the Grace of God. 11:04 you’re hilarious. 8:20 I completely agree with you!! Amazing!

  • Mari

    How can I contact the photographer?

  • Deborah

    I’m not a surfer and cannot appreciate fully the skill of these surfers, however as an artist I have a passion for the ocean and beauty of nature and I am in awe at the breathtaking colors and movement of the water. Amazing photos. Thanks so much for sharing them.

  • gilbert cordova

    ur pictures are fantastic and show with clarity the power of the ocean waves not to mention how Brave those Surfers are. trully great action and courage. i’m not a surfer i do love the Ocean. By the way what kind of camera do you use??

  • Paul

    I had always admired surfer’s currage, but this kind of wave is shoking to the bones. I am reminded of a show in which a motor bike rider drives the ‘Well of Death’ where you are almost unside down riding. These kind of waves are definitely more dangerous looking at the enormity, width, length, hight and the force with which water is driven around you all the time. What if the wave takes you back towards the oceon, and you are never able to return inspite of your best of skills? It’s sure death when your own energey gets exausted after all the struggle you can make to get out of the water pushing towards your sure death. Hell, please get out ot the surfing of this kind and be satisfied with whatever you can legitimately do. Please … Please … Please!

  • sookietex

    WOW! All the shots are impressive but this one is exceptionally so—nature’s beauty and power beautifully captured.

  • sookietex

    Just wanted to add for my initial comment i was referencing the 3rd shot with the caption “There’s more fury in this single wave than at an entire UFC event”

  • Janis Clark

    is it possible to purchase these photos?

  • Valerie

    WOW!! Power to all of you brave souls! Amazing!

  • hkychick

    One time I tried to surf on an old boogie board in Kona.. wound up thanking a lifeguard for my life lol
    Point: Sick pictures! Freakin’ amazed that it’s possible to be this talented and fearless. You guys are my idols, rock on 😀

  • Helen

    This is the most terrifyingly gorgeous water I’ve ever seen…looks like you’re surfing molten glass!! Really, you can’t duck-dive those waves? C’mon! :p Speechless, except for gasps, while looking at these great photos. Thanks for sharing. Agree with the comments above about you guys surfing these…titanium gonads indeed. May The Force (God’s force that is) be with you always!!

  • A. Rodriguez

    Awesome Pictures!!!!! These surfers are totally amazing!!!!!

  • justin henderson

    Sorry the unidentified weren’t identified. It kinda makes you think if you aren’t “the story” you aren’t allowed to be part of the story. if it was their choice, my apologies, but it seems unlikely.

    Scary fockin waves in any case I wdnt go near ’em. go get em mad men

  • marti

    the unidentified is “Rudi Schwartz”…. From the sunshine coast in qld but spends his winters down home with the boys getting shacked at shippies….. to purchase shots

  • Benny

    this is crazy dude. never would i ever think waves could break like that. crazyy shit. good pictures also. once i endeeper my skills of surfing i would totally hit them waves up. but also pray my ass off before i surfed them.

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  • Brent

    They must have custom made wetsuits for their huge BALLS. Unbelieveable.

  • jacko

    and to think i used to to that kind of s—t too old now and too scared

  • jacko

    And to think that i did that kind of S—T . But now too old and too smart and too scared.