Sandy Cylinders

Three perfect days along the Outer Banks

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| posted on April 25, 2012
  • Ben

    so glad i worked all day

  • Person

    Well working was a better call, it got so crowded once the photographers and there entourage showed up. JUst a couple people out in the morning then it was stupid. Gotta love cameras and cell phones ruining things

  • http://Thisone Sean Ghavidel

    If I could surf without worries of pollution and wildlife, than I would be happy to catch giant safe surf. Surfers should make anti wildlife and pollution filters and make super surf spot. I cant afford gear or vacation, because I am underpaid. I would love to open buisness if Im not getting ripped off. I have done backflips on grass and snowboards, but never surfing. Ocean City Maryland was contaminated and government wont admit it.
    Pray that all righteous wishes and prayers become reality and tell the government to give me 1 billion dollars to help the world and storm zones.

  • Brett

    it’ll be nice to have waves like that again… La Nina is awful, so glad it’s fading out.