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Paddling into the first massive day of the season

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| posted on October 10, 2012
  • Marcelo

    sorry, but not that big and scary (for jaws)

  • chiron

    like to c u do it marcelo. you would pobably hesitate coz ur so shook then gover the falls, shit ur pants and go running for your girlfriend who would soon dump u for looking a plonker. and saying its not that scary for jaws. fact is he paddled it and its still massive. people like u piss me off. no matter how good a surfer u r or where u live ur still a twat. love from london. england.

  • LD

    More big swells continue to be covered without Laird, Doerner, Kalama, etc. being shown in attendance. What are they up to these days? Laird obviously spends time in Malibu and contributes to Men’s Journal and other publications, but I never see him anymore. Does the Strapped crew try paddling these bigger days now as well? Are they not shown because their sponsors aren’t spending their $ in the magazines? Just curious.

  • mark

    marcelo, are you an absolute moron?

  • Ken Compton

    Marcelo why are you huddled behind your mouse like a little bitch? Let’s see you paddle out there and do something, Keala Kennelly is back and charging from a traumatic injury, made the cover of the Billabong XXL paddling in on her backhand. Where are you? Your a joke. Your the same donkey that sits in the chat on ASP contests crying about how the Brazzos get underscored. Piss off you wanker.

  • Ken Compton

    Marcelo just zip it you donkey. We don’t see you paddling in to these beasts and making the Billabong XXL cover like Keala Kennelly, and that’s after she recovered from the most traumatic injury imaginable. Your the same idiot that lurks in the ASP chat during contests and hates on everyone, and whines about how all the Brazilians always get underscored. Your rock is calling, go climb back underneath it.

  • john

    In Maui County jet skis are not supposed to be in the water when there are paddle in surfers. There was one anyway hangin on the left, even one SUP sitting on the shoulder. I heard it was Robby Naish but I guess he was showing respect for the paddle guys because he was no where near the peak. It was quite a sight, this was Shane’s 2nd epic barrel of the session, actually the first one he got was even deeper. Marcelo, you’re joking right?

  • john

    Slight correction, jet skis towing in surfers aren’t supposed to be in the line up, there were quite a few patrolling the line up. One set came in towards the end of the day and cleaned up a half dozen of the guys, 5 boards on the rocks, bummer. Good thing for the jet skis that were there.

  • http://SurferMag. Rick

    Leave Laird alone, he did,ent want to be a part of the contest circus and I would bet he,s not real happy with what,s going on with crowds and hype at his old backyard. I,m sure when it,s 70 or 80Ft. you will see him again and theirs no telling what you will see mabey something new. I,m sure this is not the lastime your going to here from him and when you do it,s bound to be big.

  • amrasdad

    is that a fin i see at the base of Healy’s wave??? great shots of the boyz doing it right!!! wish we got this action on the east coast!!!

  • Bobbi Hiller

    I would love to actually see him paddling in to this wave. Why is the moment of catching a wave always so neglected in the filming and editing? The act of riding Jaws we have seen a billion times, but paddling in, this we have not seen. I would also love to see some footage of Keala paddling in.
    Get on it, Thanks:)

  • Javier

    Shane GOD Dorian!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jj

    Man….those waves are huge! I’d like to be towed in and get a photo and towed back out cuz I’m a wimp.

  • Wildrich

    Dorian is a calculated madman & so are the rest ; Healy, Long, Walsh, Baker, Christonson etc.

    Those boys train hard & take the knocks, I only have respect for that.

    The strapped crew also feel that way & it shows a deep level of respect for the Ocean.

    They’ve had their time

    I can only admire & get inspired by what they have all accomplished.

    Its not a competition & it means so much more

    Please pick up your trash & keep the Ocean Clean

    Enjoy the water

  • LP

    Well, this guys have big canoes. In my opinion I would rater be looking at a bunch of naked chicks than this waves. Love surfing but dot want to risk my life for a wave

  • Jim

    Zoom in on Healy’s photo and that definitely looks like an animal at the base of the wave.

  • Dominique Ann McCabe

    I think you guys are friggin’ Awesome !!! Anyone saying anything negative , is just “jealous”!