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| posted on September 07, 2012
  • Pablo

    I’m sorry, Alana, what did you you say?

  • wyatt

    “What’s wrong with your mom”

    “She used to be a famous butt lady, but now she just sits on the couch, eating chicken tenders and watching Bravo.”

    – Blanchard household, 2022

  • hugee

    hey no more alana blandcharr, for rillzy, anything butt

  • bob

    To the editor’s of Surfing magazine
    Butt Butt Butt come on, Alana deserves better than that. Is that all she is to you.

  • workman

    I think the real problem is that is all Alana is to Alana 🙁

  • shmee

    Alana was in this?

  • rando

    She ought to get her sponsors tattooed on her butt.