Tropical Bliss

Visions of a Puerto Rico surf paradise

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| posted on April 15, 2014
  • whamo

    Puerto Rico looks like a really fun place to surf.

  • Enver Rodriguez

    Best Waves in the Caribbean. The only problem is too crowded nowadays. In my time ( 1970’s) we were no more than 100 surfers in the whole island. It was paradise. Nowadays in any day you may see 100 surfers in 1 spot when in my time you may be able to count them with your fingers. And also they are thousands of Morey Boogie (“Gremos=rookies”) riders and that is a big issue. But regardless all that is still a beautiful place to visit and great nice and clean waves.

  • Andres

    Love my island VIVA PUERTO RICO

  • jack george

    supercool use of the focus here in the upclose shots

  • california

    Bonzers for days

  • George from GA

    Thank for mentionin P R.One of my favorite Paradises, Lost