Pros at Pipe

Another day of work at the best wave in the world

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| posted on February 05, 2013
  • Marcos

    That’s not Reef on the 5th&6th photos guys, its brazilian barrel freak Jerônimo Vargas.

  • Ben

    Yeah, yeah, I know its Slater’s favorite wave, but come on, be objective. G-land looks like Pipe down the line, chopes is way more perfect, and how about that huge day at Cloudbreak???? BTW, Pipe is still an incredible, freak of nature wave. Just sayin’.

  • rw

    Isn’t Jbay probably the best wave in the world when it’s on?

  • Ben

    Of course, J-Bay is a contender as well, as is Desert’s…

  • goofy foots rool

    pic #8 – since when was pat gudauskas goofy foot? that’s tanner, doods.

  • Isilda Maria M. Fernandes

    Amaizing fotos of your pipeline,andExkselente pictures,this is encurage
    of hye level,
    hy whis you can sende me possibiliti to make a litle filme whid your camera
    and sende me,if you want hy can pute this in my YouTube Side and
    coment on that regulare,and sende this fantastic waves of yours in to the
    Google+ to.Wat you think ?
    Hy hopp to se and hear from you gays sun,heve fan,hy whis oll of you good
    waves, this is Incredible.
    Your Cincerlig
    Isilda Maria

  • ginz

    News flash to the world -J-Bay use to be the best but after the last great mid-ocean earthquake it has left the reef in deeper water and has not fired since. Nias is the go.