The curated work of photographer Will Adler

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| posted on February 08, 2013
  • smithers

    Dig the 2nd shot, unique angle you dont see much. love that feeling!

  • ak

    will adler, photo legend in the making.

  • Dante Rondo

    The photos seem just so so ! Maybe this guy is a genius…But Surfer Mag publishes so many great photographers work. Maybe i am just jaded ! Good luck on the image journey !

  • whatever boo

    Curated? I would be scared to see the stuff that wasn’t, as you put it, curated.

  • http://none steve briggs

    It seems that the latest Editor of Surfer has leaned the wave of Longboarding, retro riding of anything “old” and has run out of Surf photographers that have climbed the learning ladder and deserve to be shown via Surfer.
    With that in mind these photos are shit. Complete shit. Most of them are throwaway shots instead of the A-plus shot of the session or shoot. Shooting action at a slow shutter speed does not make a good photo just because it is blurred. There is a learned technique to nailing that kind of shot and Adler has not nailed it. Come on stop putting shit like this up here. Surfer deserves better. The bar has been lowered with this.

  • Duke Lavis

    I am inclined to agree w/ Mr. Briggs. Shitty photos taken with the intent of looking shitty are indeed, shitty.

  • charliep

    i am sort of indifferent to surf photography since that flame guy ruined everything, but this is a little better than most i guess. on another note his brother travers is an amazing surfer. i think the best at rincon right now. i wish we could see more videos of him having the most fun out there on a daily basis.
    he rides anything amazing and surfs distinctly with his own style.

  • charliep

    there is no doubting that image 11 is pretty phantasmically magical of what looks like the flâneur of rincon travers!

  • Steve Briggs gargles balls every evening before bed

    Cool photos. Steve you have too much time on your hands. With all that time one would think you would be able to come up with a somewhat articulate roast. Mr Briggs, grab you SPF 4 Maui Babe and hit the beach in Orange County where the dick you search is ready for a dry rub.

  • http://none steve briggs

    Even the fool appears wise until he opens his mouth or types something so pathetic. How much time did it take you, with your limited intellect, to type such a brilliant response? And what’s with the dick reference? Where did that come from?

  • Mik

    Steve Briggs isn’t far from wrong…

    There’s a fine line between fine art understated hip, and weak photos… And this “portfolio” is teetering off it.

    most of these images aren’t cool enough to hold the attention.

    and to those who might ask:

    i worked for years in the surf industry, making those kind of decisions.

    still: IMO

    (like everyone else)

  • Gordon

    Mr. Briggs is quite right.

    These so called photos are junk. The photog has a brother who rips and is probably a real nice guy and wants to be a photographer, so surfer gives him a yank so they can hump his brother…????

    I am honestly, really perplexed by why these photos are her…?

  • jt

    weak… and that’s being generous.

  • charliep

    steve briggs and mik you are right these images would not hold up in a laguna beach gallery or to surf industry veterans. but thats the whole point you idiots
    you guys are clueless.

  • frank

    santa barbara seems to breed so called ‘surf photographers’ who don’t know shit about peak action. same seems to go with framing. did these guys ever shoot a roll of film in their life? like shooting it seriously, disposable waterproof just doesn’t cut it.

    i bet this dude didn’t get a second chance with roxy.

  • Jason

    If I see another blurry photo of surfers or surfing, I’m going to diarrhea. Enough already instgrammers and hipsters. Photography is about composition and discipline. Knock it off.

  • Jimmy the Saint

    I don’t know anything about photography – except what I like, and I like most of these photographs. I don’t think there is any harm in Surfer posting these photos online, I am sure they are pretty selective about what gets in the mag in terms of all the technical aspects of photography. What I like about these photos is the dreamy look of escapism. Sorry i am just struggling through a long cold miserable winter, and some summer shots of longboarding and chilling out on the beach is just what the doctor ordered…

  • Dante Rondo

    I see that there are a lot of dismissive comments as to the technique and esthetic merits of Will Alders photography…I made a few comments myself in an earlier comment posted. The bar in surf photography has been raised so high. So one may come to expect and demand the highest level of technique and expression in the images that publications like Surfer Mag.publish and share with us to view. In a perfect world we can all do our thing, create it and express it the exact way we want, and find our “Audience” and support, and maybe even funding…! Art is a personal journey. As soon as it reaches a larger audience…Get ready for praise and blame ! Personally i wish Will a great journey on his Art photography path !

  • T

    learning photography myself i’d be absolutely psyched if i got timeless gems like shots 7,8,11,14 someday. good work man! those pics speak way more (to me at least) than a vanilla sharp image of another tail flick.