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Another day of professional-grade ripping at Keramas

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| posted on June 19, 2013
  • Mik

    everything was as it should be, except for one unfortunate thang:

    Oney Anwar decisvely beat Parko, who only threw one turn in that heat that 90% of the better surfers that surf Keramas don’t do, routinely:

    a tail release out of an off-the-lip, on a small wave.

    Let me put it this way (and I hope Ronnie Blakey is reading, because as much as I really enjoy Ronnie’s commentaries, he un-typically verbally underated each of Oney’s maneuvers on what should have been Oney’s winning wave):

    if Parko had surfed the way Oney did on Oney’s best wave, Parko would have gotten a high 8, or a 9.


    Yeah, World Champs typically get the better of a close decision, but really, this wasn’t close.

    Ronnie himself could have replicated Parko’s ride with ease, but not Oney’s.


  • http://n/a zeno malan

    I was at Keramas a month ago. What a place Komune is! Lights at night! Who knew?

    Kelly needs to be taken down eight notches. I’m tired of the same old faces winning. Let Oney have his day!

    Zeno from Peru now.