Pipeline Masters: Day 1

Pipe roars to life with the most epic conditions the event has seen in years

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| posted on December 09, 2011
  • Tony Smith

    I grew up watching the greatest Pipe Line surfer of all time Gerry Lopez make it seem so easy with his casual but precise and confident style, although the surfers of today have achieved a new level of radical tricks and style there will probably never be another that will ride the Pipe like Gerry.

  • bufu

    Of course Tony! Yes Jerry was the best at Pipe….in his era. There is no way Jerry was doing the stuff John or Slater are doing now. Yeah there front foot is different but John’s surfing in the pit is second to none. If he wins tomorrow his performances at Pipe -in one year- will go down as the best ever.

  • anna

    what is the song called?
    cool piiiiiiiics btw