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| posted on December 22, 2011
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  • http://? Kevin Russell

    This gets my vote for best pic. It’s different in a refreshing way and really gives me the feeling of stoke that an average surfer actually lives vs. death defying pipe barrels.


  • Mike Blaz

    Is this a photo contest that has a over all criteria like, exposure, composition, difficulty, or is this a popularity contest on who can get the most votes ?

  • wax parkin


  • Ana

    What?? Craig Anderson’s photo only has 22 votes??
    Do it for Ando and please go vote now!

  • Stephen Iddison

    This is an incredible picture. God said that He would never flood the earth again and He left the rainbow as a reminder of that promise. Its a beautiful picture. I would like to see that in a large poster, is that possible?

  • Steve Townsend

    Great photo; great vibe. How can I buy a print of it?

  • rex ricketts

    worthy of the gods, I am so stoked for the up comming and the unknown year.
    I hope to be in a pix like this, just bananas. ONE LOVE.

  • http://surfer rickey lopez

    i,ve been surfing for 45yrs. and i dont know one surfer that did,ent dream about being on that wave in that spot at that time on that board. if your not happy with what you,ve got you,ll never be happy. this wave is perfict enough for any surfer any where in the world for the rest of his life. REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED SURFING IN THE FIRST PLACE. IT SURE AS HELL WAS,ENT RED BULL. AT LEAST I HOPE NOT. i heard people saying if your not wanting it for the rite reason your not going to get any respect. droping in on a bomb pipe wave for the feeling of your life is the rite reason. not the limo ride that might come from it. GET OVER YOURSELFS. looks like you forgot why you started. looks like bruce did,ent. great soul shot bruce. FIJI

  • Rayo Andreu

    Me encantan las Hlas son mi pasión. AMI