Pacific South Swell

The swell of the summer meets the shores of Hawaii and California

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| posted on September 05, 2011
  • jason kveen

    i surf bamburas and point panic and it was epic, tubes everywhere wave claims and fails by everyone. it was by far the sickest surf session of my life. 6 hours strait had to call off work the next day!!!!!!!!! (everyone in honolulu = stoked)
    aloha from hawai’i

  • whamo

    I love the photos of TOWN.

  • bishop

    I love how those south shore spots are supposed to be “secret” for only “those in the know.”

  • RG

    I think you meant to say “biggest swell to hit the south shores of Hawaii in the last 10 years”

  • rt of haleiwa

    dis oceanside pier on da south side…….

  • Hawaiian

    “Those in the know?” Seriously, what are you guys trying to manufacture? What a joke. Quite possibly the last secret spot on the South East side. Tourist on vacation regularly surf this “in the know” spot. C’mon folks.

  • scott shafer

    I was out here on this day. Such a good wave yet certainly no secret.. Long-ass waves when you get the right one.
    Thanks for keeping your lips sealed regardless of it’s popularity…

  • Frank Binding

    Yeah Watto…