Outer Banks

Glimpses of perfection from the East Coast

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| posted on March 07, 2011
  • Ryan Steinolfson

    Sweet little wave.

  • mac

    e.dotson rules this coast

  • mike myers

    thoose two houses are no longer there

  • Greg Hamby

    Very nice shots. As a 45 year veteran of The Outer Banks the reality is that since the late 90’s Winter and Spring surf has deteriorated here. The winter/spring Jet stream track no longer positions low pressure in the vicinity of Bermuda. That pattern produced good sized groundswells with no harsh local weather. The NE gales that preceded the surf would also make good sandbars. The beach is much straighter now. The winter and Spring surf of the late 60’s,70’s 80’s and into the late 90’s was very similar to say Huntington Beach Ca.
    We can only hope for a change in the jet stream to bring the swells back.