Oh, Santa Ana

South swell and offshore winds meet up in Southern California

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| posted on October 10, 2013
  • mrempty

    Hey, how about not having ads auto play with sound? SOME of us have real jobs

    • Shawn Nolan Jr.

      AdBlock bro… You’re welcome.

    • SuckmyDmrempty

      Turn your sound off or get back to fuckin work then!

      • mrempty

        You literally have no better way to spend your time than to make disqus profiles about people? Shut up and put the dick back in your mouth

  • Luciano Bastos

    Really nice picture. Is that a brazilian flag at the Pier on the third quarter?

  • Evan

    i bet everybody is like F DUUUUDE, i could be on that thing

  • Robert

    Great shot, wave and potential ride, except for the kook trying to paddle in…

  • warner

    Some of these photos are pretty horrible. Minus Glaser’s shot.

  • asdaf

    Which beach is this?

  • Tom Schick

    He has a great board for those conditions. Robs the man!