Pumping Mundaka

A strong Atlantic swell pulses into the Bay of Biscay in Spain

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| posted on October 31, 2013
  • ThatDank

    Surfermag. your pictures take to fkin long to load. How come your website isnt at the caliber that Stab’s is at. Or even surfING for that matter? come on!

    • Whut?

      You kidding? Stabs website takes forever to load

      • ThatDank

        I should have said my statement better. Pretty much I was just trying to say, I prefer STABs wayyy more than SURFER. Stab always has the newest videos first before all the other sites, they always do cool interesting features, always have something new on the site every day. Its just a better overall! As for surf magazine, I’d say SURFER is the king of surf mags. But print is dead brotha! I just wish SURFER was toe to toe with STAB. The only website on point with stab (or vice versa) is SURFLINE. I hope youre reading this SURFER! It would be cool to have an american site like STAB.

    • surferreader

      surfline loads ways faster

  • 111makai111

    I’ve been watching to much ‘CT and Slater… Do most of the boards look too long?

    • ThatDank

      Nah theyre just normal people not CT freaks who can ride anything!

      • surfeditbefore

        there is so much water moving around out there from the rivermouth, you need paddling power

  • Raphael

    This swell can not be compared with Nazare, sorry!

    • keith usher

      yeah nazare is a gigantic mush burger take off, mundaka is a real wave.

    • Francis

      Why the need to compare? Different things, bro.

  • iFixit

    Why do your pictures no longer load when I view them on the iPad?

    • joshtsaunders

      We had a bug, should be fixed. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Bah

    I see no pix of mundaka, only sanuk shoes…. #fail

    • joshtsaunders

      And we’re back. Enjoy Mundaka, Bah.

  • Yousuck

    Fix the damn thing. I can’t view your pics on the iPad!!!!!

    • joshtsaunders

      Thanks for the feedback, Yousuck. We fixed it for you.

  • d l

    Works on a Galaxy. Nice pics.