Bali Finals

The reigning World Champ couldn't be stopped at the Oakley Pro Bali

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| posted on June 27, 2013
  • Max Emberson

    I think if you look at the quarter finalists – all the usual suspects were there except John John, Kelly & Medina but there were being pushed out by up and comers in the likes of the Spartan and Nat Young who deserved to be there. I thought Kellys round 4 heat was an all time heat and Kersys scores were awesome and fair but enough for a quarters position for Kelly who’s surfing is still at another mind-blowing level. Once John-John can consistently land his big airs he will be able to blow anyones doors off in any heat – while Kersy is almost landing the 540 to 720 spins. Parko’s scores are deserving and you have to slow-mo this freak to really see what he is doing – still some big air action is the only chink in his armour that John-John Kelly & Kersy can take an edge. Look forward to the next Bali competition! Bring it on.