Oahu’s South Shore

South swells light up town

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| posted on May 29, 2011
  • whamo

    Surfing Town is one of the best experiences a surfer can have.

  • small foot locust

    I was out, any reason that my photo isn’ on here?

  • The Slide

    Bolster pioneered that spot back in the late 80’s with Chesser and crew, right around the time of the Gotcha Pro at Sandy Beach. Surfer, why don’t you re-run those epic shots? They were INSANE!!!

  • John

    I think Bolster had some amazing quality images. Its a shame us viewers can’t get that anymore…

    is that travis kid getting some spots on top of his head ?

  • The Slide

    PS: Clean sensor pro photog, or at least apply Photoshop to your images….

  • Adamw

    haha you can see me to the left in jessemerles shot

  • hksurfer

    Great shots Zak! I’m from this town, and surf that reef break. Please try not to give away the spots as clearly as you did here. I love the photos, but the entrance and exit photos you added here I’m sure are definitely not appreciated by the locals.

  • Ahiplate

    Sick Shots, but should be used for personal use instead of published. I agree with Hksurfer, discretion would be much more appreciated next time, if this was in Kauai or BI you would probably be in a lot of trouble. I’m sure you understand somewhat where I am coming from.

  • Pilau808

    Thankfully everyone now knows where to look.

  • Southsidesurf

    Definitely not cool of Zak and Surfer to run those shots. Its not enough to travel the world scoring great surf as pro surfer or pro photo guy? these fools sell out for personal gain. LAME. This is why Oahu super crowded and kooked out. No body knows how to keep their mouth shut when they score. This shit wouldnt fly on outer islands. Respect the locals! Pros and cameras belong at Ala Moana and pipeline.